Competition for the US F-35: The Russians deliver a mysterious fighter jet

D.He will be starring in the Russian Air Trade Fair Max, which will take place outside the gates of Moscow from this Tuesday, and is now confirmed. After years of speculation about a new fighter jet from the Kremlin, a model is now celebrating its premiere, which is offered by the Russian air force UAC “The Checkmate”. This is considered to identify the alleged checkmate characteristics of the aircraft, according to which an opponent has practically no chance of victory.

The technical details have not yet been determined. However, a few properties can already be recognized based on the first photos of the aircraft when the exhibition is set up. Owns the “Checkmate” design Rumps After finishing stealth ability. Guided weapons and bombs are said to be hidden in armory bays. It is difficult to find the model from the radar.

The new Russian fighter aircraft has only one engine, the propulsion jet, which can lift the jet from the ground and be controlled by the pilot. This makes the model particularly airtight and allows the aircraft to be carried quickly, perhaps even from aircraft carriers. The air inlet for the engine sits under the fuse and is angled, which enhances camouflage from radar beams. Compared to the European fighter jet Eurofighter dual engine and does not have this particular maneuverability.

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Purchase of F-35A fighter jets

“The Checkmate” is supposed to be the Russian rival to the American model known as the F-35 – but probably cheaper. The two models have many similarities in terms of their construction and technical equipment: the American model F-35 is the successor to the test aircraft X-35AV, whose first flight took place in 2000. The F-35 is designed to be a stealth jet, having only one engine with a stereo-driven jet, and an oblique dual tail unit. Both jets must be capable of operating aircraft at the speed of sound, both of which are called multipurpose fighters, i.e. designed against air combat and ground targets.

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The F-35 is not only the largest arms program in the United States, but is increasingly an export success. There are also numerous orders from Europe. The American model recently won a comparative match against Eurofighter in Switzerland.

Designed for export

There is also hope for additional export business behind plans for a new Russian model. Ahead of the Moscow Air Show, which runs until July 25, some bit of information was specifically released. From this “The Checkmate” aims to export customers, for example, Argentina, India, Vietnam and United Arab Emirates Objectives. Industry observers noticed that the Russians were presenting their new model with the English name for the first time in order to attract global attention.

Rostek, the government agency responsible for the development of high-tech industrial products in Russia, has released a video claiming that the video has “unique properties” – what it means. It was developed by aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi under the umbrella of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC).

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Vladimir Putin has long wanted to expand Russia's influence in the Black Sea

Activity “Sea Wind”

Sukhoi, an aircraft manufacturer with more than 80 years of long tradition of building fighter jets and supplier to the former Soviet Union’s leading military jets and now Russia. About 20 years ago, a manufacturer outside Moscow set up a civilian unit – with more support Boeing – Small passenger aircraft Superjet 100. Sukhoi is now actively involved in the construction of large drones.

For example, the traditional manufacturer developed the current, large, modern Russian SU-57 fighter aircraft with two engines, which entered service with the Armed Forces two years ago. This great model celebrated its premiere in 2011 at the Max Air Show. So far, however, no export clients have been found for the large fighter jet. India was very keen, but then pulled out.

Now “The Checkmate” is in the lighter, middle class with a Sukhoi model and differs from the Russian fighter jet tradition with only one engine. Since the end of the Cold War Russian warplanes only Developed with two engines, it offers high safety and thrust.

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Significantly cheaper than the American model

After all, this model is significantly cheaper than the US model F-35, which can be estimated at around $ 100 million per copy. Combat jet prices are difficult to compare because it costs a lot of money for weapons and maintenance. As for the Russian Armed Forces, the new, smaller stealth jet may be completed in practice Large Heavy Fighter Jet SU-57 Both – similar U.S. Armed Forces The smaller F-35 model completes the larger F-22 Raptor fighter aircraft.

It is not yet clear whether the model at the trade show outside Moscow is a very realistic mock-up or already a prototype – this is not possible. The number 75 is engraved on the fuse, which will also refer to the future model SU-75. It is not yet known when the jet will be ready for use and which state will be involved in construction to reduce Russian costs and engage customers. A strategy Lockheed Martin In His F-35 model Tracked.

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Cramp-Karanbauer in Turkey

Over A new small Russian war jet There has long been speculation in professional circles. They say this model can be used by humans and unmanned. According to previous speculations, the jet would weigh 18 tons and double the speed of sound. In terms of industry calculations, this would be the fifth generation fighter aircraft. For example, Eurofighter belongs to the fourth generation. New German-French-Spanish Super Fighter Jet FCAS joins the sixth generation with a deployment from 2040 in the Air Defense Plan.

If Russia wants to distinguish itself in the light from the middle class with a war jet, strategists must assume that other countries are now developing their own models. They also have export confidence. China, for example, has been trying to impress export customers with its stealth jet J-31 with two engines, but so far failed. Turkey and South Korea have also put forward their own plans. The Korean KF-21 model may depart for the first time next year. According to industry experts, it would be a big surprise if an export customer Checkmate fighter jet Reported in the Russians.

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U.S. sanctions threaten

As for the states, the purchase of a new Russian warplane should be carefully considered because it is difficult to maintain good relations with the United States. There has been a special U.S. federal law since 2017 (Confronting America’s Enemies Through the Economy – CAASTA), which may impose sanctions on states that purchase from Russia. If the exemption is not granted.

For example, India was forced to waive the purchase of Russian-made S-400 air defense systems. Turkey is American fighter aircraft F-35 Ordered. But Turkey as a member of NATO Russian Defense Organization S-400 Built in the country, they are excluded from supplying technical components for the F-35.

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In 1956, 200 teachers and students visited Vestal Ufo

It is noteworthy that Russia’s importance in global military exports has declined in recent years – while US exports continue to grow. To Hailing from the Swedish peace research institute Cybri Russia is the world’s second-largest arms exporter, according to data released in March. However, over the five-year period from 2016 to 2020, this rate dropped to 26 to 20 percent compared to the previous period. By comparison: The share of the United States rose from 32 to 37 percent during this period.

The main buyers of Russian weapons are India, China and Algeria. From 2016 to 2020, almost half of Russia’s arms exports were military aircraft. 231 warplanes were exported. There is an export of warplanes Russia’s arms exports So high priority.

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