Many mayors will be usurped by the party to satisfy them

Many mayors will be usurped by the party to satisfy them

The Conservative Party and KrF will double the number of mayors. They are surpassed by Venstre and MDG who want to triple. But Rode embarks on the loftiest mayoral ambitions in Norwegian politics.

Government colleagues SP and AP are wary of launching big ambitions on the number of mayors after the election.

Parties enter the local election campaign and fight tooth and nail over who will rule the country’s municipalities.

Bidding for the mayoral chains is underway, and parties are racing to outbid each other. All parties are betting on further smuggling.

Except maybe the Center Party, later.

– Secretary General Knut Magnus Olsen tells Aptenbosten that we will never put a number on the number of mayors we are ambitious for.

About 7,000 local SP candidates will fight for municipal power across the country. – General Secretary Knut M said that many talented people are doing great work these days. Olson says.

Today, 135 municipalities are headed by a Center Party mayor.

– Are you expecting more than today?

– This would be pure speculation. We have good candidates like last election.

Solberg doubles, Storr defends

Pure speculation, wild dreams, numerical hopes: ambitions run high in political Norway. Erna Solberg is second. He wants to double Hoyer’s mayoral staff from 35 to 70.

– How realistic is it?

– Relatively realistic with today’s opinion polls, Solberg tells Aftenposten.

Now the Conservatives have taken up the mayoral race against Labour. So far, things are going well, with the latter leading 153-35.

– We are going to provide a fight for leadership in many places, says Solberg.

Jonas Kahr Storr is by far the country’s largest mayor-in-chief, with a total of 153 Labor mayors across the country.

But what about the Labor Party? How many mayors do they trust after the election? Party secretary Kjersti Stenseng answers: They don’t have concrete figures.

– We are working hard to re-elect as many of the 153 mayors we have today. At the same time, we want to conquer some new municipalities and big cities.

Party leader Kirsty Bergstow ii SV is not measuring up to her dreams either.

– But if the local elections work, SV is likely to hold its best local elections in 20 years, he tells Aftenposten.

MDG will triple Urjan Jensen

Small lot. Big ambitions. MDG hopes to triple the number of mayors, from one today to three tomorrow.

– Party leader Arild Hermstad says he dreams of tripling the number of mayors.

Arild Hermstad (th) Vardø Mayor Ørjan Jensen wants to get two more MDG colleagues in the party’s mayoral house.

However, the beautiful mayor’s number of necklaces did not inspire him.

– The most important thing is real results for policies that people want, says Hermstad.

But again Mayer chain dream. Four or five steps to the left of Hermstad, we find the largest mayoralty in Norwegian politics.

When Aftenposten calls Rødt president Marie Snave Martinussen, it can only be described as shockingly ambitious.

– We have 171 mayoral candidates, so we have to have 171 mayors to keep the Conservatives out of power, says Martinussen.

However, there will be no doubling in red. The number of Rødt mayors is currently zero, and according to Aftenposten’s experience, it demands to be doubled.

– You want to be mayor, Mary Snave Martinussen did not say when this photo was taken. But if the Rødt leader is to get 171 mayors, many will have to contribute.

– But oh, are you the party most mayors dream of?

– That’s good! If we are to achieve a clear party, non-profit welfare and fair environmental policy, Rødt Mayor is the best.

From hair-raising to more modest ambitions, there are four municipalities in particular that Rødt has particular hopes of winning the mayoralty: Alstahaug, Bodø, Kragerø and Gjøvik.

The smell of green wind power

The bidding is by no means over, and Venstre’s Kuri Melby sails the mast with blue-green sails.

– The left is in the air, party leader Melby says we are seeing a green wind across the country with several stable and good readings in a row.

Green will run seven brand new Liberal mayors from the wind, pushing them up to ten in total.

The left has long averaged 4 to 5 percent in polls. However, this week, Infact’s August poll polled Netavicen with 6 percent of the vote.

– Earlier this week we looked at 6 statistics that certainly bring a lot of motivation and excitement to the election campaign. So, I think ten mayors can be realistic for us.


In Melby’s capitalist-friendly circle, the KrF has the second largest mayoral constituency. It counts 11 men11 menNot “human” as in humans. Man as men. All eleven mayors of the KrF are men..

– For the KrF, it is important to keep the 11 mayors we have today, and then after the election we work hard around the clock to ensure that there will be at least 11, says party leader Olac Polstad.

Party leader Olaug Bollestad (KrF) with Jonas Andersen Syed (th), Norway’s youngest mayor when he took power for the KrF in Sokdal in 2019.

Sylvi Listhaug, party leader of the FRP, has three mayors and clearly wants more, but doesn’t really care how many the party gets.

– The most important thing is to get approval for our policy, so good political agreements are more important to implement our policy than many mayors without political approval.

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