It has been viewed over 240 million times

It has been viewed over 240 million times

Quick Style made a big headway when they won the “Norske Talenter” 13 years ago. Since then, Nasir Sirikhan and his twins Bilal and Suleiman Malik have traveled the world, become world champions in hip-hop and set up their own dance school.

– Norske Talenter was our biggest door opener. Our assurance was that we could indeed pursue a career in dancing. At that age, Bilal, who was 17 at the time, says whether you should invest in the school or not, so we took a lot of risk.

– It’s also what I turned him into. We are still standing and working. That’s a big part of it, Suleiman continues.

Traveling the World: Since they were 17 years old, Kwik Styles has traveled the world to perfect their dance. Here in China. Photo: Christian Bastiansen

I was surprised on the wedding day

There is no doubt that dancing is a big part of the brothers’ lives. When Suleiman got married this summer, it was only natural that Bilal would sing along with the rest of the Quick Style band.

This is despite the fact that Solomon wanted a small and quiet wedding.

– He didn’t want many people there, and he wanted to keep it as small as possible. This was his requirement before we started this here, says Bilal.

– I didn’t know anything. Many of these songs that guys used are songs I listened to a lot. So they really surprised me. There was so much love and everyone was there. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received, says the newly married dancer.

After the wedding, parts of the moment were posted on TikTok. After a short time, the video spread very quickly, and Twelve minutes long dance It was posted on YouTube.

Newly Married: Solomon got married this summer.  Photo: private

Newly Married: Solomon got married this summer. Photo: private

– We calculated it and the dance got more than 240 million views, Bilal says, before Suleiman continues:

– The key here is that there was a lot of love. The world felt it.

Big stars like Jason Derulo also picked up the dance and made their own version of it on TikTok.

– He’s so sick! It’s hard to talk about the feelings around him, because when something goes viral, it kind of doesn’t become yours anymore. It goes away on its own.

Watch the Quick Style that recreated the moment on Good Morning Norway at the top of the story!

On stage with Carp

Also here at home in Norway, the dance crew is getting a lot of attention these days. In addition to their winning streak on social media, they dance during the ten Karpe concerts at the Oslo Spektrum.

– If we could choose among all the artists in the whole world to work with, it would be Karp. For us, they are not just artists. They are messengers of a high level. They develop culture, they do much more than just music, and we see that at Spektrum. All those who come out of it get much more than just music.

When Quick Style first received the order from their close friends, they were in for a surprise. Karp didn’t just want professional dancers, which Bilal and Suleiman admitted was a challenge.

Collaboration: Quick Style are Karpe dancers during their concerts at the Oslo Spektrum. Photo: Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

– It is easier for us to create advanced choreography with a lot of movement, but here they ask about non-dancers. They wanted plumbers and footballers, and imagine that – there is no rhythm among footballers, Bilal says with a laugh.

– How did they manage it?

– Nice! For me, seeing them succeed is a huge success. This is by far the best and makes a beautiful presentation, says Solomon and adds:

– If only we had professional dancers on stage, it wouldn’t be perfect. Having this combination makes it perfect.

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