It rains throughout the month of July

It rains throughout the month of July
Rain: Meteorologist Says: “Keep a Rain Jacket”

A bad weekend for those who don’t like rain. Heavy rains are likely in the next few days, according to the Meteorological Department.

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July doesn’t boast summer weather – not if you like sun and heat. That won’t work either.

– This will not be a good ending for July.

Alexander Skelvedt, state meteorologist at the Met Office, said rain is expected across the country in the next few days.

– On a general basis, we see more rain in the future. Skeltved tells VG that it has been mostly raining until now, but now a lot of rain is expected for a long time.

Southern Norway is hit hard by rainy weather, and Dromes is a lucky winner. The county in the north will have a few days of warm weather – here the sun will peek out a bit too.

In most parts of the country, temperatures range from 15 to 18 degrees.

In southern Norway, it is somewhat warmer.

Rainfall: During late July, it rains heavily.

– There will be more pleasant showers

Eastern Norway will see some rain over the weekend, but it will become normal rain.

– He says that if you call like that, it will rain.

Although the rainfall is not intense, the weatherman insists that heavy rainfall is possible.

– Wear a rain jacket only.

He says 40-60 mm of rainfall is expected on Monday and Tuesday in 24 hours.

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– Some places may have storm water problems. This is something you should be aware of, says Skeltved.

Rain: 2022 could be a problem with storm water like in Kristiansund.
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