– A Miracle – VG

- A Miracle - VG
Discovered: Christian Brusletto Gjarholt and Apo descend the mountain after being discovered Saturday morning.

On New Year’s Day, during the sound of firecrackers exploding, a dog named Appo departed. It also involved an entire local community in Kylo. After two weeks of diligent search from more than a hundred people involved, the dog was rescued.


– This is a big miracle, shouts food mother Modilde Rosenthal on the phone from her home in Denmark.

On Saturday afternoon, the dog, which had been missing for two weeks, was found.

Rosenthal says it happened after a large-scale search operation involving more than a hundred private individuals

Visitors have come as far as Fredrikstad, Kongsberg and Bergen to assist in the search.

Escaped on New Year’s Day

Matilde Rosendal, her two children and pet Apo, spent the Christmas holidays in Geilo.

On New Year’s Day, they all gathered to watch the fireworks explode from the cabin, but the commotion in the sky frightened Apo, and he began to run away from the cabin.

20 minutes later he was found on a country road four kilometers away. The taxi driver who saw him could not reach him.

Keilo: Modello Rosenthal on a trip with Apo at Christmas 2021.

– He was probably completely frightened and panicked for three hours. Besides, because we live in Denmark, he is not used to snow, says Rosenthal.

After complaining to the police, he posted a wanted ad on Facebook and promised a reward for anyone who found 10,000 kroner. He says the answer is beyond all expectations.

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– Surprisingly awesome

The next day, several volunteers volunteered to assist in the search.

One of them was Christian Brusletto Gerhold, who was in charge of the organization of the search operation.

VG talks to him as he sits in the car with Apo and research partner Hanna Kristine Mylius on their way to the vet to check the health of the missing lab tissue.

– He is surprisingly beautiful, not particularly skinny, but very tired on the feet, says Gjarholt.

To the Veterinarian: On the way to the head of the search operation and the fugitive Apo Veterinarian.

– I will not speak for sure until we examine him now by a veterinarian, but he wags his tail and has full confidence in us, says Kjærholt.

– Common in rural Norway

– We were 30 pieces every day. In addition, a dozen volunteers took part in the search when they had the opportunity, he says.

People are also involved going from cabin to cabin with dog flyers and posters. Together, they were at the door of more than 1000 houses and rooms, Kjærholt estimates.

Engagement: The glamorous goblin Apo, who belongs to the bearded Goli race, has been involved in a whole small village since he disappeared on New Year’s Day.

– This is a great commitment. He says being very united when that happens may be a bit common in rural Norway.

Insisted on conducting a continuous search hunt

The waitress is in agony for owner Modil Rosenthal and family.

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They have been at home in Denmark since last Sunday. Sometimes Rosenthal believes more and more firmly that Apo is dead.

– This is absolutely horrible. Rosenthal says that walking around thinking he’s going to die, very scared, lonely, frozen and dying … is horrible.

But volunteers insisted on continuing the search, Rosenthal says.

“We’ll find him,” they said.

Home: Food mother and glamor troll on a trip home in Denmark.

Two fundraisers were launched during the search operation.

A total of 178,000 kroners were collected, which went into a heat-seeking drone for catering and future exploration activities.

– 10,000 kroner prize, no one wants. Instead, I give money to the drone fund, says Rosenthal.

– A miracle

On Saturday morning, Rosendel received a call on FaceTime from Kjærholt and Mylius. She was convinced that they had called to say he was dead.

– Asked if I was with the kids. Yes, I said. I asked if I wanted to get away from them.

– No, you have to go to them, he replied, he shot the dog too, Rosenthal says.

On the screen, she saw clear pictures of walnut hair wagging its tail.

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– It’s a miracle. I can not find the words, she says.

Mother Modilde and her son Hazalde traveled by boat to Norway on Saturday night to reunite with their furry family member.

– I would like to give a big hug to everyone involved and will always be grateful for the help we received, says the owner of the Touch Dog.

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