Snow has arrived in eastern Norway – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Snow has arrived in eastern Norway – NRK Vestfold and Telemark – Local news, TV and radio

Anders Fægri lives in Hellerudtoppen in Oslo. Even though he got winter tires last week, he couldn’t get the car up the hill.

– I tried to get up, but I was spinning. So I parked at the foot of the hill, so you can walk all day.

He says he saw many cars without winter tires rolling on flat ground.

– This is very stupid. I was really screwed last week.

Reports on more than 100 traffic accidents

There may be more people leaving the car on Monday morning.

In the morning hours, emergency services and tow trucks are working hard to help motorists who have run off the road in eastern Norway.

More than 149 reports have been received in East Police District, South East Police District and Oslo, Oskar and Baram. About traffic accidents, traffic accidents or cars skidding on the road.

A white Toyota Yaris stands with its grill in the basement of a brick house.

A car is driven into a brick house at Trøgstad in Indre Østfold. It was one of several accidents emergency services responded to Monday morning.

A bus veered off the road on its way to Tonsenhagen in Oslo.

A bus veered off the road on its way to Tonsenhagen in Oslo.

A car hits a lamp post.  Must not be a personal injury.  The car is in the middle of the road, but traffic is passing by.  Streetsclave in Borskrun.

A car has crashed into a lamp post at Stritsklev in Porskrun. The car is in the middle of the road, but traffic is passing by.

When Mortensrud leaves

A bus ran off the road at Mortensrud in Oslo.

Caller 20231030. Heavy traffic on E18 Monday morning in foggy weather.

Figure E18 shows a sequence in Asker.

Lorry across the Ytre Ringway between Alna and Tweeta

Lorry across the Ytre Ringway between Alna and Tweeta.

Sandefjords plowing the road.

Picture taken from Sandefjordsveien.

– We are There was a lot to do early and early today, says operations manager Germond Stokely.

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Stokely says a good number of incidents are due to the use of summer tires and difficult driving conditions.

We’ve been told some cars are running on summer tires, which is something we’re not entirely keen on right now, says Groth.

The order in which winter tires should be fitted

At the Vianor tire center in Larvik, the phone is not idle. People line up to get winter tires.

Roar Sandvik says the Vianor tire center in Larvik is under pressure today.

Photo: Lars Dore Endresen / NRK

– It comes as a surprise every year. “I have 24 tire seasons behind me and every year it’s been the same,” says Roar Sandvik, department manager at Vianor Larvik.

Many people call today and are a little pessimistic, he says.

– We also help drop-in customers, of which there are many. We continue it throughout the evening.

Snow causes traffic jams

Oslo also has traffic challenges due to the foggy weather.

In Oslo and Viken, many buses are delayed and canceled as a result of slippery roads and difficult driving conditions.

A clear appeal to motorists for winter tires

Earlier today, two drivers in Asker lost their stickers for driving with summer tyres. Both cars ended up in the barrier.

The Road Traffic Center offers a clarion call:

– If you don’t have winter tires, you don’t have to do anything on the road today, says Christopha Kee-Nilsen, traffic operator at the Road Traffic Center of the East.

Chief Reinhardtsen on Southeast 110 shares a call with the Traffic Center and police.

From experience, there are always people who try their hand at summer tires and create an unnecessary danger to others.

Caller 20231030. A car went into a ditch in foggy weather on the E18 on Monday morning.

In a ditch: A car ended up in a ditch in snowy conditions on the E18 on Monday morning.

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTP

He says the fire service today is fully staffed and ready to help the unfortunate motorists. They have gone out on several missions in the mornings.

Bruck Asafa at Porsgrunn actually had other plans, but had to postpone the honor of switching from summer tires to winter tires.

– Winter came suddenly, he says.

Brooke Asafa with a summer tire on her hands

Brook Asafa had to postpone some work to put on winter tires.

Photo: Håkon Lie / NRK

Snow continues throughout the day

Snow settled in many places in eastern Norway, Vigen and southern Norway last night. Snow will also continue throughout the day. It informs Meteorologist Ingrid Bentsen on duty.

It will probably continue with rain all day today, and Bentsen says most of it will come as snow because it’s so cold.

Vestfold and Telemark and eastern Norway receive the most rain, he says. Up to 15 cm of snow is expected here.

The image shows a map of parts of eastern Norway and southern Norway where there is a snow warning.
Photo: Bureau of Meteorology

It won’t be dry until Tuesday, but there will be no change in temperature, so the snow will continue.

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