The Israeli tactic is likely to isolate cities in Gaza – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The Israeli tactic is likely to isolate cities in Gaza – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Israeli tanks and soldiers continue to advance on the ground in Gaza.

They are supported by fighter planes that bomb all the time.

An Israeli army spokesman told Reuters that “Israel is gradually advancing according to plan” in the Gaza Strip.

But experts say that the Israeli army faces difficult choices in terms of tactics in the next war.

Very important tunnels

– The tunnels in Gaza are the nervous system of Hamas, Tormod Heyer, a professor at the Norwegian Defense Academy, tells NRK.

It is believed that it will be extremely important for the Israel Defense Forces to destroy as much of this secret network as possible.

Nervous system: A military expert tells NRK that the tunnels in Gaza are too important for Israel to destroy.

Photo: AP

The tunnels enable Hamas to move between cities and over large distances.

Heyer says this poses the biggest threat to Israel from the Palestinian side.

Tanks and soldiers make Israel better able to control larger areas.

– Israeli forces will likely also use georadar. This is equipment that enables them to look at the ground and discover tunnels, says the Norwegian expert.

– Difficult fight

Analyst Colin Clarke tells Al Jazeera that Israel has waged a slow-motion battle in Gaza.

He works for the Soufan Group, an American consulting company. They specialize in intelligence and security.


Offensive: This photo is supposed to show Israeli tanks inside Gaza.

Photo: Reuters

– I think that a difficult battle is imminent, he told the channel.

Clark points out that Israeli tanks and engineering forces are now trying to clear the way.

But he believes that Hamas is ready and will be ready with offensive attacks.

Pin prick

Tormod Heyer believes that it is likely that Israeli forces will besiege and isolate Gaza City and other cities in the northern part of Gaza.


The Israeli army published this photo that supposedly shows Israeli tanks inside the Gaza Strip.

Photo: AP

Once this is completed, the Israelis can carry out raids inside isolated areas, in what are called acupuncture operations. The professor says they could destroy tunnels or attack Hamas members.

But he confirms that Hamas will fight on its territory. They will have built defensive positions and may have planted mines. Here it will be difficult for the Israelis to wage war.

can resist

Israeli authorities said they wanted to eliminate Hamas after the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

Tormod Heyer

Israel faces several dilemmas in the upcoming war in Gaza, says Professor Tormod Heyer.

Photo: Frode Fjerdingstad/No

But according to Heyer, there are limits to how difficult it will be for the Israelis to proceed with this ground offensive.

It is believed that other countries will respond with increasing force if the number of civilian deaths and injuries in Gaza continues to rise.

The professor believes that the United States will likely pressure Israel to proceed somewhat more cautiously.

The expert believes that the more the Israeli army advances in the Gaza Strip, the greater the risk that the hostages held by Hamas will be killed.

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