– It should not be served only by commercial players – NRK Østfold – Local news, TV and radio

– It should not be served only by commercial players – NRK Østfold – Local news, TV and radio

– Such services should not be provided only by commercial actors, who have a desire for profit, says psychologist Kaja Asbjørnsen-Bettin.

She is president of the Association of Digital Health Psychologists, and is concerned that the services people use are quality assured.

Many private companies are now using artificial intelligence to provide treatment services.

Photo: Julie Helen Gunter/NRK

With the help of trained linguistic models and psychological techniques, for many it can be experienced as if you were talking to a “real” psychologist.

But whether the services are good, trustworthy, or not can be difficult for people to evaluate.

– If you suffer from anxiety and depression, and become desperate for help, you resort to what is available without having time to monitor the quality, says Sven Overland.

He is a psychologist and member of the Association of Digital Health Psychologists.

I think the authorities should take the necessary measures

Many people search for their symptoms on Google before going to their GP. Pettin believes that people who need psychological help will easily be able to do the same.

Kaja Asporincin Betaine

Kaja Asbjörnsen Bettin is President of the Association of Psychologists for Digital Health.

Photo: Ingar Sorensen

– Dr“It's naive to think that it won't be used by people who need qualified or good help,” Pettine says.

But none of the KI psychologists you can find online today are approved by the Norwegian healthcare system.

Psychologists for Digital Health believes it is time for authorities to take action and provide AI services that people can trust.

Sven Overland

Psychologist Sven Overland believes that AI psychologists can be positive, but he also believes that there can be many pitfalls.

Photo: Robert Ronning/Robert Ronning/NRK

-I think they're too slow. People use AI to treat cancer, manage traffic, and most things, so why not mental health? Overland says.

This must be done in a safe manner

State Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Welfare Ellen Moen Ronning Arnesen (AFP) believes that criticism from professionals is good.

– FifthI need an impatient professional who will kick us in the ass a little. It enables us to move forwardHe says Ronning Arnesen.

Minister of State Ellen Moen Ronning Arnesen at the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

State Minister Ellen Moen Ronning Arnesen says it is important that people have access to safe and quality healthcare.

Photo: Havard Greger Hagen/NRK

It should also be the professionals who see this as important. Then we have to frame it well and follow it up so that patients benefit from it.

Only in the past year has AI been adopted in other parts of the healthcare system.

– We are working with good strategies for artificial intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence in the health service in all specialized fields, so we may have advanced a little in this area. physical“Running Arnesen says.

In the mental health ramp-up plan, we are clear that we must make better use of the digital opportunities available, she says.

But it's very important for us that it's done in a safe and good way, and that we have the ability to control the development when we know what we're up against when it comes to AI.

The psychologist KI was convinced of it

Psychologist Susan Lund Hoy took matters into her own hands, becoming co-owner of a company that provides psychologists who specialize in artificial intelligence.

Psychologist Susan Lund Hoy smiles.  She's standing outside with a tree behind her.

Susan Lund Hoy is the co-owner of a company that offers conversations with “AI psychologists.”

Photo: Julie Helen Gunter/NRK

So far, about 1,000 people have used their Heartfelt Services, created by developers in Iceland.

They offer conversations with several virtual “therapists.”

-We try to make it completely different. Different types of therapy work for different people and different life situations, Lund-Hoy says.

A computer screen showing the front page of KI's psychologist service.  We can also see Susan's back and hair showing off.

The screen shows the three virtual “handlers” the company offers people to talk to online.

Photo: Julie Helen Gunter/NRK

Before Lund-Høie became co-owner, she tested the service out of curiosity. She is trained in a psychological method that she practices herself.

– DrThis is a new field that is going to be big whether we like it or not. What we can do as psychologists is join in and help develop services, says Lund-Hoy.

Many people wait to make an appointment with a psychologist. Lund Hui believes that artificial intelligence can help those who cannot get help.

The truth is that there are many people who do not get help. There is very little money in the health care system.

But she worries that technology should not replace regular psychology classes.

-We have to keep our tongues straight in our mouths. There is great potential in using these services. Meanwhile, things can go wrong in the wrong hands.

No consent

KI's psychologist service does not have any form of approval by the Norwegian authorities, which indicates whether the service is safe to use.

State Minister Ronning Arnesen says they want people to seek help through the public sector.

But it is not excluded that it may be appropriate to establish arrangements that can guarantee the quality of artificial intelligence services provided by private companies.

– We want to be able to have some kind of approval system. But here it is important to proceed step by step, to be well framed, and not to go freely. Because there must be validated services, says Ronning Arnesen.

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