Facebook to Aftenposten: – Bhatti’s Facebook account has been closed

Facebook to Aftenposten: - Bhatti's Facebook account has been closed

“We’ve also closed several other accounts he was a moderator for and won’t be able to create a new account again,” Regitze Reeh, Nordic Communications Manager at Facebook Meta owner, wrote in an email to Aftenposten.

Avisa further wrote that they asked police attorney Engfield Merold if the police had helped close Bhatti’s profile now.

– It’s a question I can’t answer, she said.

Can’t find it

When Dagbladet checked Bhatti’s Facebook account on Monday night, he was unavailable. Several other sources also said they were no longer able to find him.

refuses to question: Zaniar Matapore, 43, accused after the mass shooting in Oslo, still refuses to explain his position to the police. Video: Mia Ingenis Pratley. Reporter: Stian Drake.
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Less than two weeks ago, the dreaded Islamist posted flaming rainbow flags on Facebook. He also published a text calling for the killing of homosexuals.

Dagbladet has no information that Bhatti played any role in the attack on Oslo on Saturday night. But Dagbladet confirms that 43-year-old Zaniar Matapore, now a terror suspect, has been in contact with Bhatti.

After Matapore shot himself on Rosenkrantz Street on Saturday night, information emerged about the contact between the suspect Bhatti.

can be central

Many media, among others VGOn Saturday night, he wrote that the two were arrested in a car near the demonstration of the anti-Islam Sian organization in Stoffner in Oslo. This must be the reason why Matapore was called in for an interview with PST in May.

Contact between Bhatti and terror suspect Matapore could be a major problem when the 43-year-old is eventually questioned by police.

Matabor appeared on Saturday afternoon for questioning in Oslo with his defender John Christian Elden. Two police officers were present during the interrogation.

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– They wanted to confront him with the accusation. He did not respond to anything for fear that the police would tamper with his answers. So he was not questioned about the accusation, Elden told Dagbladet after the questioning.

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