– Burn for himself – VG

- Burn for himself - VG
KINGARELLO: Joshua King (left) and Mats Zuccarello held a press conference at Stovner Senter, and presented plans for a co-ed school project that would be completely free.

STOVNER SENTER (VG) Joshua King (30) brought Mats Zuccarello (34) on the team and together they will provide a free football school for thousands of kids over the next three years. Now, stars from the eastern edge of Oslo have set tough targets.


– The sky’s the limit, happy King says when VG asks how many kids they aspire to be in «Joshua King Football Academy“Next years.

Two of Norway’s biggest sports files are located at Stovner Senter and they proudly present a collaboration that they hope will benefit many Norwegian children. King has faced a free football school in Stovner for the past two years, and now he’s going Zuccarello Foundation With funds and support ensuring operations from 2023 to 2025 in the first place.

– Of course, unfortunately, it will not be possible to reach all children throughout Norway. But we started with 200 last year and doubled that number this year. I have now spoken to Mats about that we will be able to expand this to more places in the Oslo region and more places in the country, explains the 30-year-old who recently completed his seventh season in the Premier League.

Front figure: Johsua King, here in a game against Slovenia in early June, wants more people to have access to the free soccer school.

The king has gone before Hardly against soccer schools that are partly too expensive. He was ready for his soccer school Should Be Free, Thank Enthusiasts Karl Erik Felde and Gudbrand Ensrud They put in a huge number of volunteer hours to get the show on its feet.

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So it is now important to bring in other supporters in the form of sponsors and a team around Zuccarello as well as investment firm Ferd.

– In the long-term, we must have a goal of becoming the largest football school in the country, free of charge to all participants, says Kristen Lind, the foundation’s general manager.

The budget framework has not yet been determined

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Both are from the eastern edge

We’re East Coast boys, and it’s not entirely coincidental that we’re making these plans here on the East Coast. For many, sport is expensive, and there are unfortunately many cases, Zuccarello tells VG.

He was raised in Lorraine, while King spent his childhood in Romesas.

There are bigger challenges on the eastern edge, so it’s only natural that we start from here. We have seen for ourselves what problems and challenges many children and young people face here. Cohesion and team sports can mean a big difference to many. It helps coaches and teammates who hold them a little in the ears and give them loneliness, says the hockey star with, among other things, 13 NHL seasons on his merit list.

There are a lot of kids who are not allowed to go on summer vacation and have nothing to look forward to when school is over. The joy I see among the children at my soccer school is amazing, King says.

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Coincidentally, last year he became well acquainted with Zuccarillo. The hockey star was invited by King’s associates to soccer school, and the two profiles instantly found the tune.

– I’ve never greeted mats before. I knew he was good at ice hockey, but what impressed me was the communication he had with the kids. He’s very good with kids, and we’re excited about that. We’ll take advantage of that, King says excitedly.

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– I’ve always been a fun person who likes to have fun. At Joshua Soccer School, I saw how important that was to these kids, and that gave me extra motivation. The need is huge, because too many children here in Norway are not getting the opportunities they should have been given, Zuccarello tells VG.

– Lots of urination

The 34-year-old asserts that he is not interested in children’s sports.

Football is easier in this way than hockey, because it reaches more people and it is easy to start. The goal is to get to as many kids as possible, and I’m not particularly excited about hockey being the starting point.

COMMITTED: Mats Zuccarello celebrates a Minnesota Wolde goal against the Vancouver Canucks in April. Now he wants to be wider in his homeland in Norway.

– I’m afraid they’ll get an offer – whether it’s football, karate, hockey, or something else that’s affiliated, Zuccarello believes and adds:

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– A lot of money is spent on peeing in Norway, and it is unfortunate that there is no longer any going to children and youth activities. We must contribute at least as much as we can.

King hopes that the football school will grow so large that it can also be a show for children outside of summer vacation.

– We have to take this step by step, but I have dreams. First and foremost, it’s about making the kids happy, but if it can also contribute to the recognition of two of these kids as big players — that means a lot to me personally, says the 30-year-old.

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