It was captured on camera

It was captured on camera

ROME (Dagbladet): Narve Gilje Nordås (25) along with gold medalist Jakob Ingebrigtsen (23) were among the favorites to win the EC medal in the Italian capital.

But the Sandnes runner did not reach the final.

The 25-year-old was the Norwegian's second best finish in a disappointing 11th place. In the post-race interview area, he was honest that he wasn't prepared enough.

EC Gold: Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran to a convincing EC gold in the 5000 metres. Video: NRK, Sørø Olsen / Dagbladet TV-sporten
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Shake hands immediately

Before the race, television pictures captured Henrik Borgja Ingebrigtsen shaking hands with Nordas and Per Svilla, wishing the pair good luck. Afterwards, Svila commented on the gesture.

– It's completely normal for you to greet people, and I think that's a good thing. I greet them when I meet them and they greet me. I congratulated Jakob on a great performance, so that's good, says Svela to Dagbladet in the catacombs of the Olympic Stadium.

– So the relationship between you is not as cold as it may seem in the media?

– No, it's not. definitely.

It is no secret that it was not all joy and sorrow between Nordås and Ingebrigtsen's runner after the former continued with Gjert Ingebrigtsen as coach.

One of the talking points in the run-up to the European Championships in Rome was whether Svila and Nordas, coached by Geert Ingebrigtsen, would stay with the other Norwegian athletes at the athletes' hotel.

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In the press conference held yesterday, the duo seemed ambiguous when the press wanted answers about their living conditions.

Rome: Gjert Ingebrigtsen is in Rome and the 5000m final follows. Video: Christopher Lucas
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– We'll live in Rome anyway, that's the plan, Nordas said and continued:

– It is not more important where we live and what we do. We will escape tomorrow anyway.

-Do you know where you will sleep tonight?, he was asked later.

– No, was the short answer from Nordas.

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This is how the chaos unfolded

Drama all the way

During the race, Nordas was on the verge of falling when the Briton fell to the ground early in the race.

-I was almost certain that I would fall and lose a lot of concentration in the race. If there is a race at the Olympics, I hope I will be better prepared. It will be a little below average today, but fortunately there will be another chance on Monday. The form is good, so hopefully I can continue on Monday. “I'm hungry for revenge now,” Nordas told NRK after the race.

Jakob Asserson Ingebrigtsen was in the impossible corner and claimed his third gold medal in the exercise.

Nordas showed to the European Commission that he is in good shape ahead of this weekend's tournament in the Italian capital.

The rabble: Per Svela, Narve Gilje Nordås and Gjert Ingebrigtsen create life and excitement at the Norwegian sports hotel. Video: Lucas/Monge
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During the Diamond League meeting in Stockholm, he achieved his first win when he won the 3,000 metres. It was a fearsome shot towards rival Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

Full of confidence

But in Rome he did not succeed either.

Student Gjert Ingebrigtsen was full of confidence ahead of tonight's training and claimed he was one of those who could fight for victory.

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– I am one of the medal favorites, so I just have to try to prove it, he told NRK before the race.

Congratulations: Jakob Asersson Ingebrigtsen and Per Svilla after the 5000m race.  Photo: Heiko Jung/NTB

Congratulations: Jakob Asersson Ingebrigtsen and Per Svilla after the 5000m race. Photo: Heiko Jung/NTB
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– It is important that you have a good feeling along the way and that things are going well.

– He has all the qualities needed to succeed in the 5000 metres, said NRK's ​​Jan Post when Nordas stood on the starting line.

Training partner Per Svilla, 32, also qualified for the 5,000m on Saturday. The 32-year-old ended up in the field and was never in the medal race and ultimately finished 21st.

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