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Dennis Olsen som Porsche kjører.

Nobody is perfect, I just had to lie down. It was me, Olsen says to NRK.

The contrasts have been huge for the motorsports look in the past year and a half.

On Saturday, Olsen received a huge scalp when he won the sprint race in the Deutsche Turnwagen Masters (DTM). No Norwegian has previously won the prestigious championship which is based in Germany and organizes races across Europe.

But we won’t be back until fall 2020 before things turn upside down. Helga’s bursts of champagne and the roar of jubilation felt far away when he was involved in a sports scandal. Now, for the first time, Olsen is talking about the storm that affected him.

KONTRASTAR: – I’m done too much, Olsen says of the episode in 2020.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

– It was crazy

Last year, NRK reported that the motorsport athlete remained He was stopped by the police when he was driving at 77 kilometers per hour in the 50th district of Sarpsborg His driver’s license was immediately revoked.

For two weeks after the accident, he nevertheless took part in an international car race, although the regulations state that athletes who were disqualified from driving also lose their license.

Olsen said at the time I was so sorry, and I was lying flat, admitting that he didn’t have enough knowledge of the regulations surrounding his license.

The 26-year-old says he has grown a lot since the accident.

– It was hard, but somehow I got out of it really well. I have learned and grown from it. I came out of him as a better person, because I learned from my mistakes, he says.

How did it feel to stand in it?

It wasn’t great. In the end, you’re pretty much done with that, Våler man answers.

Dennis Olsen

Stern: Olsen has driven to Porsche in recent years and has many senior positions to offer.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

– Very special

Despite the error, Olsen didn’t look where he was when he got back on track to drive his employer’s Porsche.

Lately, the Norwegian racing driver has been doing great.

One makes mistakes now and then – everyone does. One has to go ahead and learn from it. I did it. I’ve been through it in a good way, I know, and I’m taking other steps in my career.

He showed that clearly on Saturday. Olsen had the best sprint track and finally water on the spa track in Belgium. Despite the rain at the end, the 26-year-old was in good shape and earned what he refers to as the biggest victory of his career.

She was very special. In such a prestigious tournament, this is one of my biggest ever victories.

Climbing briefly

she was very beautiful. Olsen says it’s been a bit of a tough season, but the last few races have been good.

The victory meant the Norwegian moved up to fourth in the tournament overall. It says there are two release races in the DMT season.

The ambitions are to keep trying to win and get good results. We’ve developed really well all season, and we’re potential race favorites. Now there are two weekends left, and we’ll be “cannonballs” at every race.

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