– It was very uncomfortable

– It was very uncomfortable

– I’m still shaking, says Vanya Jensen, shop assistant, after the incident in Plantasgen in Bergen.

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Vania Jensen was working with a colleague at Plantasjen in Gravdal on Saturday evening.

Ten minutes before closing time, four customers were told they would be closing at 6pm, and the customers then allegedly became aggressive.

– It was very uncomfortable. Jensen says they were aggressive and their arm movements were threatening.

When BT met Jensen outside the store 40 minutes after the incident, she was still emotional.

– I’m still shaking.


Jensen became aware of the customers’ presence when she heard them shouting at her colleague, who was sitting at the register table. She took a picture of them with her mobile phone. Then the situation escalated further.

– They clicked and shouted at us.

“I asked them to leave,” Jensen says.

According to Jensen, the man paid for what was supposed to be a gift. When he put the rest back on the table, not in his hand, the atmosphere must have gotten worse.

– He shouted that it was bad service.

Guards and police arrived at the scene.

He was gone when the police arrived

Jensen and his colleague chose to take refuge in another room inside the store, where they closed the door.

-We locked ourselves in the office and called the police and our boss, who also called the security guards.

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The agents are said to have knocked on the door, but did not attempt to enter the door.

The police moved in, but the suspects had disappeared from the scene when the patrol arrived.

– The situation did not appear to be a threat, but the staff felt it was a very disturbing situation, says Operations Manager Knut Dahl Michelsen in the Western Police District.

– Hardly lilies

Police have spoken to staff.

-We calmed them down and ended the matter there. “Then we will see if there will be consequences,” says Knut Dahl Michelsen.

He didn’t know what the angry customers had on their shopping list:

– But it was hardly lilies.


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