– The only question is whether or not Russia will go to Hell – VG

- The only question is whether or not Russia will go to Hell - VG
Appeal: Alexei Navalny has been held in a high-security camp where he is serving time during Tuesday’s appeal.

Dressed as a prisoner, Alexei Navalny, 46, nods eagerly, on Tuesday facing a severe confrontation with Putin’s regime.


The opposition leader, considered the worst domestic enemy of Vladimir Putin, seizes the opportunity to attack the Kremlin and the war when he is given the floor in a digital appeal case in a Moscow court:

– We could not prevent the disaster. The only question is whether or not Russia will go to hell, says Navalny, according to independent media. medusa.

A court on Tuesday rejected his second appeal against the nine-year prison sentence handed down against him in March this year. Navalny believes the ruling is purely politically conditional and refers to President Vladimir Putin, former President Dmitry Medvedev and others in the system – all of whom are subordinate The unveiling of Navalny’s anti-corruption organization:

– After destroying the country for 22 years, they started a war to distract attention from the collapse of the country, and then lost that war, says Alexei Navalny.

Rivals: Opposition leader Alexei Navalny (right) and President Vladimir Putin (right).

– I was sentenced to nine years in a penal colony with a strict regime. A person who commits murder in this country gets an average of seven years in prison. I was sentenced to nine years in prison, which suggests that I have apparently committed some truly horrific crimes. And it seems even stranger that there are no victims in the case, says the man who is considered the first leader of the Russian opposition.

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He notes that his trial and the start of the war in Ukraine took place around the same time:

– This was in fact only a microscopic crime compared to a major crime, which was prepared and carried out on the same days, says Navalny – and thus speaks of war.

– That is, the grave crime committed by the current regime, specifically President Putin, against our entire country. As part of preparing for this crime, they began imprisoning those they knew would oppose it, Navalny continues.

– I said from day one that our regime started a criminal war and that it was going to lose it. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing now. The opposition leader says they are already losing.

He was arrested when he arrived at Moscow airport on January 17, 2021, after receiving treatment at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. According to Western experts, Navalny . was He tried to kill him with the nerve agent Novichok when he was on his way home from a campaign trip to Siberia in August 2020. According to Navalny himself, agents from the FSB were behind this.

Last week, Navalny’s anti-corruption organization announced that it would try to reopen its offices in Russia. The purpose is to fight the war in Ukraine. It was Navalny’s close ally Ivan Zhdanov He said this in a video on social media.

Before and after the invasion began in February, virtually all of Putin’s early critics disappeared, either in exile or in prison.

Three opposition leaders who chose to remain in Russia were imprisoned and face harsh sentences:

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Russian authorities have described Navalny’s organization as extremist, meaning that staff, volunteers and supporters could face prosecution and imprisonment.

According to Alexei Navalny, the witnesses and the judge at the trial against him were put under pressure:

– We found out that one of the leaders in the presidential administration called the judge. Literally every break they spoke on the phone, the opposition leader claimed in his speech on Tuesday.

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