– It wouldn’t look pretty – VG

- It wouldn't look pretty - VG

RUDSKOGEN (VG) Aksel Lund Svindal (39) and Dennis Hauger (19) are driving Porsches in Rudskogen this weekend – but not in the same class.


Fortunately, I don’t have to face the pros, says the Alpine legend, who started a new career in motorsports.

– It didn’t look pretty to me. It would have made a huge difference, he says of driving against Denis Hoeger – Norway’s Formula 1 hope, who is driving in Formula 2 this year.

Hauger is the alleged guest driver at the Porsche Carrera Cup in Rhodeskogen on Saturday. This is the first time that the 19-year-old has led a car race in Norway. He will also have a demo of his Formula 2 car.

GHOST BIRD: Dennis Hauger loves to joke around with Aksel Lund Svindal, who is twice his age. Photo courtesy of Rudskogen on Thursday.

– It’s great to finally have Dennis on Norwegian soil. It doesn’t happen often, but we’ve now managed to trick him into driving a Porsche in Rhodeskogen, and Axel Lund Svendal, who follows Hueger’s career closely in Formula, also follows.

– Is this “Kvitfjell” Hauger?

– Somehow … but at Kvitfjell I raced with the equipment I was used to and against the same competitors. Without putting the words in Dennis’s mouth, he’s driving a car he’s not used to. So, it is not certain that he will win easily, even if he is the strongest driver here this weekend when we look at his resume.

It’s a great challenge for me, says Hauger of driving a car with a roof.

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There are other things that apply, and for sure there is a high standard in this tournament. Anyway, I’ll just enjoy the weekend. It’s my first car race on Norwegian soil. Then we take it from there.

Aksel Lund Svindal admired Hauger, Max Verstappen and other top motorsport drivers.

ALPINE LEGENDS: Aksel Lund Svindal and Ingemar Stenmark (again) will be in Rudskogen this weekend.

Most of all, I admire how accurate it is, even under pressure.

– You don’t have it in?

– No, by no means, and I will never understand it either. I had it in the Alps, but drove two and a half minutes max. We are here driving longer. The biggest difference is that there are two pedals in the car. In alpine skiing, you have a speed that you can only slightly influence. At least you don’t brake! The similarity is that you have to drive as fast as you can through the turns!

Note: Dennis Hauger has this Formula 2 weekend. There is only one race left in the weekend (two races) – namely in Abu Dhabi two months later. The Aurskog man finished eleventh in the tournament.

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