Italy wanted Karsten Warholm to do the dishes

Italy wanted Karsten Warholm to do the dishes

Athletic Director Erlind Slofvik told NRK late Monday night.

– Italy lodged a protest, but it was too late according to the half-hour deadline after the official results were released. That means two minutes after crossing the finish line, Slokvik says.

Italy tried to protest after what it thought was a mistake in passing the hedge.

At the second hurdle, things went wrong for the 27-year-old. The right leg got the most attention when he hit the fence. Warholm lost time making his way through the fence, but the Italians still protested. In some of the photos, it can appear that the left leg was outside the fence on the left side.

Watch the situation here:

Karsten Warholm hit his knee with hurdle number 2 in the semi-final. After the race, it turned out that the foot was also out of the fence.

It would have given Italy a place in the final

Clip and photos of Warholm’s pass went viral on social media after the match, which he comfortably won in the semi-finals. Among those who thought Warholm was in big trouble was Finnish athlete Oskarie Moro.

– Based on the replays I’ve seen, there’s no room for guesswork. “Unfortunately, Warholm’s foot appears to be stepping over the fence and it’s not high enough,” he told Yle.

– If you follow the rule book, there seems to be a reason for disqualification, added Yle expert commentator Mikael Yostalo.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica claims that Italy wrote that the photos were “not enough to convince the jury”.

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Italy’s Alessandro Sibilio was within a few tenths of the lead. He finished fifth in his Warholm heat, with a time of 48.43. Germany’s Joshua Abuako, who reached the final in fourth place, advanced with a time of 48.39.

Had Italy won, Sebilio would have secured a place in the final.

Perhaps Norway’s greatest hope for a gold medal in the World Cup is a volley, as usual, from the base kicks, but it did not go to the dream of the start. He hit the second obstacle, but fortunately for the 27-year-old there were no consequences – neither during nor after the race.

Warholm survived the race, clearly winning, and is thus ready for his fourth World Cup final.

– I hit myself hard. It’s not quite as good, but it doesn’t matter, Warholm tells NRK after the race.

It wasn’t just hedging that was noticed. Warholm LIF coach Olaf Allen was surprised by what the competitors were doing.

– means work

What you want is to run as slow as possible before the final. This is ideal. But now it’s also a day off, so recovery is possible. I have seen that there is some prestige. They didn’t want to burn everything, but no one wanted to surrender either. So it was absolutely unnecessary to do what they did.

Such was the verdict of Lev Olaf Alnes after seeing the main rivals of Karsten Warholm, the defending champion Alison dos Santos and the American Ray Benjamin, in the semi-finals.

The two ran second and were simply in a class of their own. They turned away from their rivals and ran shoulder to shoulder, fleeing. In the end, it was Benjamin who ran away with the win after running a short sprint at the end.

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– They looked decent. It’s fun, Warholm LIV coach Olaf Alnes smiles after seeing Dos Santos and Benjamin come through.

Alnis was clear that he was not afraid of what he saw, but NRK athletics expert Kristina Vukisevic Demidov noted:

– There is no doubt that they mean business.

—“Totally unnecessary,” Lev said of pushing each other on the run. what do you think?

– Yeah, there was a bit of it in my heat too, actually. Our time also passed quickly. Number three qualifies on time and gets a bad lap. Warholm says he runs something like 47.4, so you just have to “guess.”

World Championships in Athletics

Total control: Karsten Warholm.

Photo: Bernadette Szabo/Reuters

Because he went, Warholm says, too quickly in the semi-finals.

intimidation shot

When asked how much the semi-final cost, Warholm replied:

– I hope not to a lot. I would say having that time without going downstairs is a positive. At the same time, it costs more than yesterday, but it will. It’s the semi-finals, eight get a place in the final and it’s tough for places. Then it will be a little faster.

NRK commentator Jann Post was aware that Warholm’s snag problem at the second hurdle was a foul that needed to be cleared, but Sunning sent a very small scare shot in the competitors’ direction.

– Undoubtedly, the physical form is very good. It was a little message to the two in the midst of the competition that they can expect strong opposition in the final, says NRK commentator Jan Post.

It was the fastest heat. In contrast, Ray Benjamin won his encounter with a score of 47.22, and Dos Santos came second with a score of 47.38. He was a full second ahead of Ludofy Vaillant, who finished third.

revenge time

Warholm won the first two World Cups he participated in: he won his first gold at the World Cup in London in 2017, and his second in Doha two years later.

However, Eugene’s last summer toilet was a major setback after the charge was marred by injuries. Warholm was seventh – i.e. second to last – in the final.

Then Alison dos Santos, one of Warholm’s main rivals, became world champion.

– you look at Warholm and wonder if he has a new record in it. He’s back with a vengeance after injury last year, four-time Olympics winner Michael Johnson told the BBC.

The Quest for Vengeance completes on Wednesdays at 9.50pm. Then the final stage will be decided in the men’s 400-meter hurdles.

Kloster is also in its infancy

A little earlier on Monday night, Lynn Kloster was competing in the women’s 400m hurdles. She made her first toilet appearance at the age of 33 and took care of the opportunity. From the ninth lane, she ran a time of 55.23 and advanced to fourth place.

– Very, very tasty. It felt really good, the race. But I made a lot of mistakes this time, but at least this time I moved on. It was delicious, Kloster tells NRK.

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