Hanna-Martine Slåttland Baller has big plans:

Hanna-Martine Slåttland Baller has big plans:

On National Day itself, influencer Hannah Martin Slatland-Baller, 24, was able to share the good news that she and her boyfriend have just purchased their “dream apartment.”

The veil is lifted from the relationship

Se og Hør recently met the 24-year-old in connection with an Oskar Westerlin clothing launch, and there she was able to reveal big plans for the new house.

Hanna Martin talks about her boyfriend and buying the apartment. Reporter: Sophie Lucin. Video: Nora Skafog.
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– We finally finished settling down a bit, so now we’re starting a team to help us renovate and renovate the apartment. After all, it will be really “whole”, and they will help us have a common thread that we want, so it will be very good.

Reveal the details of the relationship

Reveal the details of the relationship

She added that the common thread that Baller points out is very important to her and her partner, as the idea is that he should help put the mark on the apartment they want.

– We want some “Bali vibes”. We imagine a little bohemian, a little stone and a little wood, overall a very nice atmosphere. It should be a place where you come home and then gather energy and can relax there.

The couple took over the apartment on August 1, but they are prepared that it will take some time before everything is ready.

It will be a project and it will take some time, but we are very ready for it. We know we’ll be living in cardboard boxes for a while longer, but when we get as much help as we do now, it’s worth it.

- I got a bit of a shock

– I got a bit of a shock

– The apartment is new, so we are not going to completely renovate it. Over time, we’ll move room after room, changing the flooring here and there and putting our personal touch on it.

Offers: Influencer Sophie Karlstad chose to flaunt her boyfriend on Bloggers, but there’s a special reason why she chooses not to share much about him. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Kine Falch / TV 2 Play
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– It is well known that renewal can be difficult for a relationship, what do you think about that?

About the rumors: - It will be permanently waived

About the rumors: – It will be permanently waived

So, we are facing a challenge. We had so much fun doing what little we’ve now done with painting and tinkering. We are positive about everything, so I think it will be very good.

We haven’t set a budget. And we didn’t have that to buy the apartment itself. It’s going to be a little bit as it will be, but we’ll probably spend some money, yeah.

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