It’s time to evaluate railway repair

It's time to evaluate railway repair

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Based on the experience gained from other countries, this development does not lead to a more efficient or customer friendly railway. On the other hand, experience shows that close links between infrastructure and traffic are important for providing a good offer to us consumers. However, despite the lack of impact assessments and without financial accounts, the railway reform was approved in the summer of 2016.

What we see now is more bureaucracy and a more confusing travel routine for those of us who love to ride the train. In addition, the number of directors has almost tripled, it is necessary that the number of directors from two to ten with the salaries of directors is very expensive.

It’s time for a new plan for the railway of the future, it’s time to solve the challenges we face today. There is a backlog in maintenance, the need for upgrades and new investments in infrastructure – and with it a comprehensive, comprehensive management of everything.

People take the train when it’s on time and at a reasonable price, and here we must look to countries like Switzerland and Germany for good ideas and inspiration.

SV submitted a representative proposal this week to assess railway reform, and we expect the current government to support it along with Labor and the Center Party as well.

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