June 6, 2023


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Jeunes Joseph talks about breaking up on stage

Jeunes Joseph talks about breaking up on stage

“Kasko” star Junis Joseph (30) stated that he is no longer in a relationship during a stand-up show at Latter in Oslo on July 26.

Now he also confirms the breach in his podcast.

To the latter audience, the TV dossier said, among other things, that it was “thrown out the day before May 17th”, and that he asked for comfort from his friend and colleague Martin Leperaud on National Day.

A Good Evening Norway editor was present during the show as Joseph was among the comedians on stage.

Since 2019, Joseph has been in a relationship, and two years later he and Inger appeared on the red carpet as a couple.

Joke about marital status

During the Humor Award on May 27, Good Evening Norway spoke to several independent sources who said it was over between the couple.

Joseph, who was present during the awards ceremony, did not want to comment on that at the time.

On July 26, he openly shared with those in attendance at the summer vigil, admitting that the breakup had been difficult.

He also talked about Summer as a new song, and that he feels more attractive now than the last time he was single, then joked about why.

Good evening, Norway called Joseph’s manager, Simin Herning, after standing up and asked if it was true that the comedian was now single. The manager did not comment on this, noting that this was an “artistic show”.

It was a hard time

Joseph has the podcast “Dynga” with comedians Henrik Farley and Martin Lepperød.

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In the episode published on November 2, Joseph said he quit the podcast because he had a rough time:

– I wasn’t feeling well. It has been overworked year-round and in recent years. The relationship I was in ended this summer, everything is boiling in my head.

Josef’s manager will not comment on anything other than what appears on the podcast.

Relationships revealed on the radio

In November 2019, it became known that the comedian has found a girlfriend. He revealed the change in marital status in the NRK “Lørdagsrådet” programme.

Casco: Inger starred in the series Joseph. Photo: Screenshot / Playback TV 2

– Joseph said during that, I’m so in love now radio socket.

In 2021, he and Inger appeared on their first red carpet together. to me daily newspaper Then he said they had a very good time.

– We were actually going to the movies. We didn’t know it was a red carpet. And the TV profile told the newspaper I’m not used to it.

Joseph has spoken on several occasions about his relationship with Inger in interviews. no later than April 2022 when he visited Harm and Hegseth. There it turned out that she took part in one scene in “Casco”.

In an interview with NRK In the same year it became clear that the two became cohabitant.

Recognized: Joseph when he was awarded the Innovation Golden Road of the Year in 2019. Photo: Marit Humidal / NTB

Recognized: Joseph when he was awarded the Innovation Golden Road of the Year in 2019. Photo: Marit Humidal / NTB

In 2019, Jeunes Joseph won the Gold Award for the NRK series “Kongen av Gulset”. In 2022, he created the second TV series “Kasko”, which received good reviews from reviewers.

Joseph himself stated that the plot in the TV series is something. based on his private life.

He has also acted as an actor in a number of productions. In the series “Unge lovende” and the movie “There’s nothing to laugh about”, in his role, as a character in the films “Three nuts to Cinderella” and “Project Z”.