Jo Nesbo with new book in 2024: Sequel to 'The Kingdom' will be titled 'The King of Us'

Jo Nesbo with new book in 2024: Sequel to 'The Kingdom' will be titled 'The King of Us'

Jo Nesbo (63 years old) wrote a sequel to the rural novel “The Kingdom”.


“The Kingdom” is a book that opened new doors for me as a writer. It's not a crime genre, and I liked that. It gave me other challenges.

– I love the crime genre, but this was like playing a different kind of music, Jo Nesbo told VG.

“The Kingdom” received a score of 4 on VG when it was released in 2020, while “Dagbladet” received a score of 6. The film revolves around the Opgard family in the fictional village of Os.

Nesbø was not planning a sequel.

“But I became very fond of these characters, and I realized at the end of writing The Kingdom that there had to be more,” Nesbo says.

The new book will arrive on schedule on June 6 and will be titled “The King of Os.”

– Roy Opgaard has a royal idea: He wants to build the world's largest wooden roller coaster in Os, says Nesbø.

When Nesbø writes a novel, it's not entirely without crime elements: the village mayor has acquired new technology that he believes can prove that brothers Karl and Roy Opgard are behind a series of murders that go back in time. “And there will be more,” says the publisher’s description of the book.

About Lovrenski: – I'm a fan

Last year, Jo Nesbo set up a production company with his agent Niklas Salomonsson and director and screenwriter Øystein Carlsen.

He's currently tight-lipped about the company's plans. He confirms that he wrote cinematic and television scripts last year, but he does not yet know what will happen next.

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According to VG Information, the company spied on newcomer Oliver Loverinsky's novel “When We Were Younger” – like a number of other production companies.

– I cannot comment on that, Nesbo says, and adds:

-Anyway, it's a wonderful book. I'm a fan! It's nice to read a book that lives up to the hype, says Nesbo.

-As a fellow experienced writer, have you given him any good advice on the way forward?

“We had a nice chat in the late summer before his book came out, but what we talked about had to stay between him and me,” Nesbø says.

Nesbø sold more than 55 million books last year. His books have been translated into more than 50 languages.


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