Liz Feldstad talks about the terrifying birth and celebration of the upcoming Christmas

Liz Feldstad talks about the terrifying birth and celebration of the upcoming Christmas

About a month ago, the book “Ordene i speilet” appeared on the shelves of Norwegian stores, signed by the queen of theater, Lise Fjeldstad (84 years old). In it she shared her thoughts on life, death, and love through very personal texts she wrote throughout her life.

– He has everything

In other words, Norwegian readers got the chance to get to know Fjeldstad on a completely different level than before. Actors are often seen as other. In “Words in the Mirror” Fjeldstad is exactly himself.

The 84-year-old tells Dagbladet that the response after publication has been fantastic.

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The reactions after the book’s release were very satisfactory. And I must say that it is overwhelmingly embraced. I've received a lot of feedback that more people can recognize themselves in what I've written.

– horrifying

-The book is very close and open. Was it something that was difficult to bring to life?

– Yes, some of them were terrible. For example, the very scary birth experience I had with Bluma (daughter Julie Feldstad, editor's note). I was about to die, but miraculously I turned around and came back to life.

- It was just emptiness

– It was just emptiness

Feldstad says she repressed the traumatic experience for a long time and didn't talk about it much.

– When it came out, it was terrifying in many ways. And Pearce (Sunderland, editor's note) is also dead. The 84-year-old admits that experiencing the person you love so much and are so attached to disappear and be lost in your hands is very difficult.

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Fjeldstad was married for several years to Bear Sunderland, with whom she had a son Bec and a daughter Julie. When she and Sunderland were waiting for Beck, she was already married to someone else.

– Hit with love

– How can you be open about those circumstances?

-I think this is something that can happen to a lot of people. But this is not how you want life to be, because you are causing a lot of pain to those around you while he is having a wonderful experience in life, she says frankly and continues:

- People have asked

– People have asked

– That's why it's important to talk about it. If you are, as I say, love-afflicted, there are a lot of people who find themselves at a disadvantage in life. And I can say I was in those years, for better or worse.

Now Christmas is knocking on Fjeldstad's door, just as it does for most people in Norway. She told Dagbladet she's looking forward to this year's celebration — even if it's a little different.

– It will be strange for me this year. We almost always celebrated with my mom and dad, always at home. When my father died, we were still celebrating at my mother's, and when she couldn't take it anymore, I took over. But this year I'll let it go, and Beck will spend Christmas Eve at his house for the first time. She says Pluma will go to her husband's parents.

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-The greatest power

Fjeldstad is still in charge of Christmas dinner, which, according to her, is the only thing she can master in the kitchen.

“I don’t cook, but I am good at cooking ribs,” she says, smiling.

– Are there any Christmas celebrations that stand out?

-Norwegian entertainment giant

-Norwegian entertainment giant

– No, not really. I think all my birthdays were beautiful and happy. It may seem like I was very lucky in life, and I did. I think Christmas is important to many because of the traditions. In a world that moves as terribly fast, and as cruel as it is now, there is something about those days of Christmas that is just like when we were children.

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Christmas means something very special to stage queen Liz Feldstad. For her, the holidays symbolize love.

Love is the greatest force in everyone's life. She concluded by saying: Whether you believe in the birth of Jesus or not, it is a love letter anyway.

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