Joachim Jonsson, Mies Rijks | Is there suddenly no room for emotion in football?

Joachim Jonsson, Mies Rijks |  Is there suddenly no room for emotion in football?

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The questions come after Valerenga's sporting director said, Joachim Johnsonwas almost “executed” because of what he said in an interview during the break in the match between Lin and Valerenga.

– I'm fine. It's not my fault, Johnson says when I meet him at Intelity.

He sits down, a little more reserved than usual.

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Linn, Valerenga, and Sindfludin

I know him as a man with sufficient self-confidence. It seemed that even a strong man like him had been affected by the big talk of the past few days.

He received widespread criticism for his statements.

He was there and then at the break during the match between Layne and Valerenga. Vålerenga took the lead, then Meeks Rijiks was sent off and Lyn equalized just before half-time.

Valerenga's sporting director looked completely gloomy in the last 45 minutes.

When Johnson was interviewed, he said, among other things:

“This is absolutely unforgivable Miss Rex. There are no excuses. You have put your teammates in a hellish situation.”

But surely he just said what others were thinking and saying?

You might have said something like this at home on the couch:

Could you be that stupid? With a yellow card, the Pig tackles the opponent at the corner flag. Completely brain dead!

Stupid tackle, red card and concession

There were many and strong reactions to the stupid intervention that ended in a red card.

But what amazes me is that many of those who criticize Miss Rake's actions have suddenly become very cool. Because there was a barrage of criticism and threats that must have been written to the effect of Valerenga's sporting director.

There is no understanding that leaders may also have an outburst of emotions – as happened with Johnson.

– After that, commitment and emotions took over. A moment of stupidity.

Naturally, a coach like Johnson must deal with such criticism internally and directly with the player.

The Swede is guaranteed to be the first to sign.

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– This is as much as we can take

At the same time, I believe there has to be enough of a ceiling in sports – and we have to live up to that. Especially after hearing that immediately after the match, Johnson apologized to the player and the rest of the players.

He did so long before he received a reprimand from the club's general manager.

condemn? For me, it is way beyond the mark. If Johnson misses a bit in the heat of the game, I think the club is overreacting.

I think the players, including Miss Rex, were the first to realize that in the heat of the game, stupid things can be said.

But then we broke up. And move on.

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“Take” the Swede

I do not ignore that the violent reactions to Johnson's statements are linked to the fact that the Swede was previously a very frank football expert on television.

The expert had answers for everything. Now many had the opportunity to “take” the Swede.

I'm also convinced that football expert Johnson may have butchered both player Miss Rex's tackles and athletic director Johnson's statements in smooth terms.

– The former TV pundit says Johnson would have seized the opportunity with open arms.

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