Judi Dench admits to a huge Facetime mistake

Judi Dench admits to a huge Facetime mistake

Most people know Judi Dench (88 years old) as M in the “James Bond” films. After participating in seven of them, the actor naturally has a face that most people know.

However, some saw a little more of the 88-year-old than they probably planned.

Vision loss: – Difficult

On Wednesday, Dench was a guest on “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show,” where she was able to reveal a very unfortunate incident during a FaceTime call. He writes Page six.

Her daughter, Finti Williams, called her mother to wish actor Chris Logan a happy birthday. Ben Whishaw was also present.

Established: John Diamond enjoyed this. Video: Red Runner/TVNorge/Discovery+
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Dinesh, who took off his clothes and entered the bathroom, felt at peace and without any danger.

– I picked up the phone and said, “Chris, congratulations on…”, and I just saw them both (note Logan and Whishaw) walking away looking completely shocked.

Feedback: - Something seems very wrong

Feedback: – Something seems very wrong

-It must have been FaceTime. I didn’t know what FaceTime was. Poor Chris, who accidentally appeared naked on his daughter’s mobile phone, says Dench.

However, the birthday chat isn’t the first time the 88-year-old has “revealed” himself to someone.

It became an error: Influencer Sophie Elise Isaksen was on the red carpet ahead of the opening of the new Petter Stordalen hotel, Sommerro, at Solli plass. There she shared her worst hotel story. Video: Luna Lea.
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In a 2017 interview with the Radio Times, she admitted that she once pulled down her pants to show Oprah Winfrey and Harvey Weinstein that the latter’s name was on her buttocks. But tattoos should only be temporary.

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