Black Friday, Black Week | Advertising “Super Offers”: – Borderline trivial

Black Friday, Black Week |  Advertising “Super Offers”: – Borderline trivial

It will not only be Black Friday this week that will tempt people to open their wallets before Christmas, but also the campaigns with Black Week and Black Month.

The American initiative, which should, in theory, offer consumers Elville offers, has not been received well by everyone. However, there is hope that it will improve in the future.

-I don’t think we’re done with Black Friday. It should be remembered that a few years ago there was talk about the death of stores and the apocalypse in retail, says Eric Mele, senior analyst and industry expert at Danske Bank, to Nettavisen.

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Milley points out that the situation on Black Friday and Black Week can change quickly.

There will likely be bigger offers and discounts this year than in recent years after the pandemic, because we as consumers have shopped a lot. Now, in a poorer economy, it may be more difficult for shops, but it may also mean better offers.

“We are now in a period of more cautious consumption, especially due to higher interest rates and inflation, so I think we can see good Black Friday deals now and in the future,” he adds.

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– Lots of scam offers

The head of the Norwegian company Prisjakt, Christopher Reyna, recommends that consumers check the price history of the good they are interested in, so as not to fall into the offer trap.

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– There are good opportunities to save money, but there is no doubt that there are many fraudulent offers, says Rina.

Rina admits that the different product groups that saw high traffic during Black Week were mobile phones, headphones, jackets, TVs and running shoes.

The average discount on deals last year was 16 percent. The average discount for Tuesday, November 21, was ten percent. PriceJacket is looking at 6.5 million prices, of which 282,000 are offered, according to RINA.

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– It’s a trivial border. Many find that stores are duping them with “great prices” and try to offer something that is not an offer at all, Magne Gundersen, a consumer economist at SpareBank 1, tells Nettavisen.

Gundersen believes everyone should be aware of the price and not the percentage set by stores.

“What matters in the end is the price you pay,” he adds.

Price history

With the help of prisjakt’s price history function, you can see specific products and how prices have varied over the past year. Nettavisen has looked at a selection of products now being advertised by electronics giants Power, Elkjøp and Komplett during Black Week, and compared prices with those from earlier this year.

What we find is that many products were roughly the same price a few months ago, as they are now during Black Week. Some prices are actually identical.

In addition, the figures show that product prices rise in the months leading up to Black Week, before being dumped and promoted as super offers when Black Week begins.

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Purchasing electricity:


  • Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, Black. Black Week Offers: 2,290 NOK. Price at the end of July: 2,490 NOK. This gives the price difference 200 kroner. It is announced on the site 1200 Norwegian krone discount.

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It is important to check in time

-In theory, Black Friday should have huge offers at 60/70/80 percent off. Is there any point in having this tradition in Norway if the shows are not what they used to be?

It’s rare to see an actual 60-80 percent discount on merchandise, and even if stores say so, we don’t see it actually being true in all cases, says the President of PresJacket.

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As of October 1, the new marketing code requires that for the starting price to be real, the advertised starting price must be the lowest price the product reached in the last 30 days before the campaign.

During Black Friday sales, discounts are based on the previous selling price of the product. The Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority has several times cited a number of violations of the Marketing Act during the promotion days.

– Due to the new marketing law, it has become easier for stores to adjust prices, so there have been significant price increases in the run-up to November. For this reason, the merchandise total is higher compared to last year, Rina tells Netavisen.

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