March 23, 2023


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Bet on an electric trailer – that’s the price for it

This article was first published in Finansavisen engine.

electric boat: Amid huge yachts and fragrant grilled sausages at the Dusseldorf Boat Show, a boat with an electric charging station was on display.

Norwegian company Evoy has outfitted the 25-foot Axopar with a fairly discreet outboard motor, painted in a matte dark gray colour. Out back, the number 300 is crunched into the hood, and every horsepower is electric.

The Evoy electric plate is intentionally designed with a discreet design, in a matte dark gray color. Photo: Ragnvald Johansen/Finansavisen


At first glance, the Finnish-made boat may seem quite ordinary, but under the deck sunbed, two 63-kWh batteries, the rest of the cables and equipment that feed the electric motor are hidden.

On the underside of the cover is a transceiver, which enables the manufacturer to monitor the battery voltage level and possibly help customers if they need it.

Under the sunbed are two 63 kWh batteries. Photo: Ragnvald Johansen/Finansavisen

known technology

The charging connector is located inside the chassis, and for those with experience charging electric vehicles, the system should work in a known way. With 300 horsepower in the stern, according to the manufacturer, the boat should be able to handle 50+ knots, and they promise solid acceleration because all the torque comes right from the start.

But the electrification of boats is still at an early stage, and range will probably become a very important topic since there are no roadblocks on the lake. If you put the spoon in the door, you probably can’t count on maintaining top speed for more than approx. 45 minutes before the lights start flashing red.

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All boat owners are familiar with the high consumption at high speed, and 50 knots in an open boat can be tiring in the long run. Although the official consumption figures and its range are not yet clear, it is likely that the rather muted performance will be enjoyed for several hours.

Evoy has the ability to communicate via walkie-talkie, to help with any issues when you are at sea.  Photo: Ragnvald Johansen/Finansavisen

Evoy has the ability to communicate via walkie-talkie, to help with any issues when you are at sea. Photo: Ragnvald Johansen/Finansavisen

Many Norwegian companies

Several other Norwegian companies are also involved in the project, and the outboard motor itself was designed in collaboration with Eker Design, also the manufacturer of Hydrolift boats. Goldfish, based in Son, has prepared two models with electric inboard motors, and according to Evoy, they expect to be able to start deliveries in the spring.

Evoy wrote on the website that they deliberately gave the engine a discreet look, so as not to attract too much attention. It can be a good strategy, which will probably make it somewhat easier for those who want to try out battery powered boats.

The price of the 300-horsepower electric outboard motor has been set at €74,900, which is around NOK 830,000, and delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2023.

By comparison, the new 300-hp Mercury V8 outboard engine costs just under NOK 360,000.