Raine Alexander: — Freak accident calls

Raine Alexander: — Freak accident calls

The corona pandemic has been brutal for many Norwegian artists. Among them was the artist Reine-Alexander Hauge Korchamen (51). He loses all assignments, and eventually takes a job at a funeral home.

Remember those MGP racers?

But the pestilence now seemed to be over, and Korshamn was given new duties.

On February 26, the stage was set for the new program “Secret duets” on TV2, featuring Thomas Numme (53) and Regina “Myra” Tucker (28), Korshamm being one of the first to participate.

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– got a lot of applause and laughter

During the broadcast, he revealed a story that made the whole audience laugh. He had to sing “Oh Weekend Night” to the warden at Gardermoen.

The singer told Se og Hør that he was on his way to Italy for a concert, and had forgotten his passport. So, he had to run to the mayor’s office to get an emergency passport.

Fear of losing home

Fear of losing home

– I ran to the sheriff’s office for an emergency passport, showed them my driver’s license, but they said it didn’t look like me. So I explained that I had to go to a concert in Italy, and I had to get on the plane.

According to the artist, the sheriff then asked if Korshamn could do anything else to prove it right.

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They were probably kidding me, but I started a whole song with “O’helga natt”. Then I got huge applause and laughter from the other three deans and the queue in the next little room.

Much more on the agenda

Currently, Korshamn can also be seen in “Fangene på foret”. There he won, among other things, the One Competition, and chose to donate the prize to the Premature Babies Society.

The couple's big day

The big day of the “infinitely in love” couple

– I have two premature twin girls, so it was really nice to have them on screen and make people aware of them. The association thanked me very much for that.

Today he is working on preparations for We will rock you – a musical that will find a place in Oslo Spektrum.

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– This will be the ugliest thing in Norway. There will be about 7,000 people per show, 40 dancers, orchestra, pyro and everything is possible.

Postponing the relationship: - He wanted to spare her

Postponing the relationship: – He wanted to spare her

Last but not least, the 51-year-old will appear as a competitor in this year’s season of “Camp Colinares,” which premieres on March 27.

It doesn’t look like Korshamn will be back at the funeral home anytime soon.

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