– very slippery – semi-trailer driven into a petrol station

– very slippery – semi-trailer driven into a petrol station

Several accidents took place on the roads overnight into Thursday and Thursday morning as a result of slippery road surfaces and poor driving conditions.

  • At Melhus in Trendelagh A semi-trailer is driven against a wall at a gas station. Police report extensive damage to the tow truck and are warning about driving conditions.
  • in Nordland A car runs down the road on Fylkesvei 76 near Brønnøy. The driver was taken to hospital in Sandnessjøen. There should be no question of serious personal injury.

On Wednesday, police issued the following advice to motorists:

  • Make sure the car has tires that are suitable for driving
  • Allow more time to run than usual
  • Be prepared for road closures at short notice. vegvesen.no/trafikk and the Vegvesen traffic app are good and easily accessible sources of information. See also vegvesen.no/fjelloverganger
  • Think about whether you should drive all day

The urgency of danger warnings

Meteorological Department released Hazard warnings For large parts of the country.

Avalanche risk is currently reported for many places in Tramms and Finnmark.

Strong winds are expected in many parts of the country.

A lightning warning remains in place for Møre and Romsdal, Trøndelag and Nordland.

More than 1,200 customers were without power for several hours Thursday night due to a storm in central Norway, NTB writes.

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