Julie Bergan and Astrid S:-

Julie Bergan and Astrid S:-

dl Superstars Julie Bergan (27) and Astrid Semplas (25), also known as Astrid S, has been a close friend for several years. The two artists lived together in a group, sometimes accompanying other girls in the apartment in which they lived together.

But in 2018, it became known that friends were drifting apart, and therefore the collective cohabitation ended.

– I will already buy an apartment now, so I will live alone, said Burjan look and listen this time.

Although three years have passed, there is no doubt that they have lost their days as sustenance. Bergan reveals this to Se og Hør.

Opens: On Friday’s episode of “Senkveld” on TV 2, there are many feelings for Julie Bergan when she talks about her feelings of sadness and grief as an artist. Video: TV 2
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– lose it

was on occasion Premiere of the Norwegian version of “Three nuts for Cinderella”In which Astrid played Cinderella, See and Hear met Julie Bergan.

Therefore, it was also only natural to ask the question “Do you miss being housed with Astrid?”.

– Of course, I missed you. Just having someone to go home and be around each other all the time, she admits, and continues:

– but we’re almost better at being with each other now that we don’t live together, because we actually have to actively do something about it. It’s cool too, but I totally miss being Cinderella’s roommate, doing it.

tax sale: Julie Bergan is on this week’s episode of “Helt Harald” and there she tells us she got 80,000 kronor in tax credits.
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This is how they maintain friendship

The effervescent artist points out that she is, after all, about themselves Cinderella, something she would be happy to have on her resume.

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– How do you maintain friendship?

– Probably like all other friendships I think. We’re in the same group of friends, and then we travel a little bit – now we’ve only been in London and then we can hang out there. She just smiles but sends a message and we’ll come up with something.

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