You've got a new job — and you've got more news in the pipeline

You've got a new job — and you've got more news in the pipeline

– On February 1, I started a new job as sector manager (sales manager) for aquaculture in Ovon, where I was responsible for the project towards the farming industry, and I enjoy it very much, says Sigurd Breivik, festival director at RaumaRock.

Until just two months ago, he was the sales director at Max Freight.

-The biggest difference is the product. At Max Freight we were wholesalers, and now we are a manufacturer. Beyond that, it's pretty much the same job. It's about being visible, active and getting out among the people.

On the first weekend of August, RaumaRock hits the road for the 22nd time.

Before, artists and bands such as DDE, Di Derre and Red hot fronted by Knut Marius Djupvik have been featured. But there are still two TBAs (to be announced) in the program.

Breivik is reserved for now, but promises to have more to say soon.

Oleg, 34, has long been fascinated by Norway – and now he and his family have created a life here

– Maintains boiling

– He says: – We will probably launch the last two just before Easter.

– Are the two biggest equals?

– For some it may be, but not necessarily, says the festival director, adding that it is by definition fully booked.

-RaumaRock preparations are going on as usual. We have the music under control, and then we continue our commitment to the all-day conference in Ijen. We are proud to have him on the program.

Ticket sales are well underway, and the board and volunteers are preparing for another weekend at RaumaRock in Åndalsnes.

Establishing a new company – splitting the process into two parts

– We continue to cook, the whole core team, we are looking forward to it.

As before, there are approximately 175 volunteers spending the weekend. Like last year, there will be two stages, with the sales area in the same place.

– We got rid of the queue for the sales booths, so as not to collide with the queue in the festival area, so the new solution worked well. We created a slightly “whiter area”, where the ears could rest a little, and got good feedback about that.

Reception and new shop: – You have to take it little by little

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