July was boiling hot and very cold, but its end is nice

From a heat wave to what a meteorologist calls “a day I would have also experienced in December.” The weather was mixed, but the weekend will be warm.

This is what the weather will be like this weekend. Sunny but with cover of clouds in several places along the coast.
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A cold start to the week, but at the end of the week it gets better!

This was confirmed by meteorologist Magnus Hauckland by phone on Thursday.

– It will be fine for the next few days, with good temperatures.

The meteorologist reported that the outer reaches are slightly in the danger zone. Satellite images show what a meteorologist calls a “sausage” with low cloud cover along the coast.

– There are signs of local fog tomorrow, and clouds may linger a bit throughout the day in several places, Hokland says.

But there is a good chance that you will be able to avoid the sausage. Many places will actually see the sun. Even higher temperatures of the day.

So it almost bodes well for the last weekend in July. Especially now that I can feel how cold my body is Can Staying in July here in western Norway.

Almost 30 degrees in Møllebukta last week.

December day in July

Last week it was ‘all about the heat’, we flocked to the swimming areas and beaches, and suddenly enjoyed ourselves in the sweltering heat. Too hot to be in Rogaland, but I come out of it better than those located a little further in the continent.

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We have recovered the remnants of this heat wave from Great Britain, but it was short-lived. At its highest, the scale showed 33.6 in Lisibuten.

The remnants of the heat wave are gone and Tuesday this week has been much tougher.

The maximum temperature on Tuesday was 12.7 degrees. The meteorologist says it was a day I might also get it in December.

On Tuesday, Bergen already recorded its lowest single-day maximum temperature in July since 1998. It was 12.1 degrees, while here it was 12.7.

– North winds and cold air masses blew in western Norway in recent days.

It will rain a little at the beginning of August, but things were even worse in 2016!

But on Thursday he got the sun! Friday will also be full of sunshine. The meteorologist says it will probably rain on Saturday until very early.

There is a front coming from the west that brings some rain. Hochland says that despite the clouds, there will be southerly winds, and the temperature can rise to 25 degrees.

According to meteorologists, the varied weather will continue until August.

– There will likely be a lot going on, and the front will come on Sunday. Monday is looking relatively good, but the temperature will probably be a little lower than it is now.

He doesn’t want to say anything for sure about next week, but says Wednesday looks to bring low pressure and precipitation.

– Maybe next week we won’t get the same heat as the next few days.

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