Jurgen Massa-Fasstrand snaps:

Jurgen Massa-Fasstrand snaps:

Training influencer and TV presenter Jørgine Massa Vasstrand (34), also known as “Funkygine”, was able to share at the beginning of last year that she had become a mother for the fourth time.

The 34-year-old has two children from a previous relationship, and two children with her husband, Morten Sundli (33).

Now I was beaten

There’s clearly a lot going on at home for Fassstrand and Sundeli, and with four children, two of whom are under kindergarten age, there’s enough to keep track of.

“Shall we dance”: Jørgine “Funkygine” Vasstrand is struggling with the chacha this week. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video/clip: Selena Morken
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Now a TV profiler is opening up to the conscious choice she and her husband made when it comes to children. She did so in a new interview with the site Click.No.

Anger after the premiere: - So stupid

Anger after the premiere: – So stupid

Fassstrand tells the website that they have zero tolerance when it comes to screen time, but they are careful. She believes that physical activity and play are very important for children.

-We would like something to happen when they come home. It’s nice to get out a little before bed.

Couple: Morten Sundli and Jorgen Massa Västrand have been married since 2017. Photo: Morten Eik / Se og Hør

Couple: Morten Sundli and Jorgen Massa Västrand have been married since 2017. Photo: Morten Eik / Se og Hør
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At home with the family, iPad, Xbox or Playstation are not available, which the influencer himself believes is wise to limit temptations.

She highlighted a previous incident as an example of parents’ cell phone use crossing the line.

- It was too far down

– It was too far down

Fassstrand was at the hospital with his children and noticed a screen that said: “Be careful when using a cell phone. Your child needs you” and “Limit screen use.”

This is what made her react.

– This is a message to us adults. “I think screen use has gone too far when parents have to be reminded of this in the hospital,” she says, adding that she thinks it is stupid that screen time takes up so much space in the daily lives of many.

pregnant: Jørgine “Funkygine” Vasstrand and Morten Sundli are expecting their second child. This is what they said about the possible family increase regarding a digital press meeting in 2020. Video: Rød Løper/TV 2 Play
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However, the rules for screen use do not only apply to children in the family. Fassstrand points out that she and her husband also care about their own habits and want to set a good example.

-We are very aware of our screen use around children. We make our lives easier by not exposing them to super sexy dolls. It is also important that we turn our attention to each other when we are together.

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