Kai Thomas “Skrillex” Larsen denies “Mascorama” rumours:

Kai Thomas “Skrillex” Larsen denies “Mascorama” rumours:

Singer and drag performer Kai Thomas Larsen (36 years old), known by his stage name “Skrillex”, He has made himself known among the Norwegian people and is among other things one of the main suspects regarding the participants in this year’s “Maskorama”.

Fans stormed Larsen’s social media to discover that it was exactly him hiding behind his ‘Maskorama’ character, Katta.

– I have received quite a few messages for several weeks, the artist reveals to Dagbladet.

According to Larsen, it is not surprising that fans suspect that he is hiding behind the cat costume, and after Saturday’s broadcast, referees Marion Raven (39 years old) and Titi Lidbom (37 years old) also supported the fans’ theory.

the answers: It has been speculated whether this is the person behind the mask in Spirevippen in “Maskorama”. Video: Red Runner / NRK.
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– When you get a high-heeled cat, I thought there would be some message here. But then both Marion and Titi guessed me at the weekend, and now the hell I’m not standing still. But that’s the fun! “I’m watching ‘Maskorama’ myself, and I love it,” he continued.

– I sing better

Since the start of this year’s season, the comments section has been filled with people guessing that it’s the fur-wearing “Mascorama” singer.

Kiwi Camilla called: - Not me!

Kiwi Camilla called: – Not me!

“No matter what I post, I get something like: ‘Meow’ or ‘I know you’re the cat,’ so I hope on the cat’s part that it lasts a long time, but then I hope it expires soon,” Larsen says with a laugh. “.

After the massive deluge of rumours, Larsen also felt the need to clarify the matter once and for all, which he did in the form of a TikTok video on his profile.

Things certainly didn’t go according to plan during the German edition of Mascorama on Saturday evening, November 25
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-I thought I had to address some little things. There are some terrible songs that the cat has chosen. You have to put it in perspective here. “I really like parties and fun, not least the catchy tunes,” Larsen explains and adds:

– Even if that cat sings well, I sing better. I will say it then with all humility.

Share the happy news

Share the happy news

And although the drag artist is knocking on the table with the fact that he is on tour that prevents him from participating in the program, there are still many people who still claim that he is hiding behind the costume.

-So I think the clothes the cat is wearing are hideous, so I had to make an explanatory video so that people would stop making this noise. And even if you make a video like this, there are more people who say, “But you were going to say that anyway,” and that’s true. At least now I’ve said what I mean, so hopefully now they’ll leave me alone in their inboxes.

Drama: It’s going to be a hectic few hours for one team during the final episode of “Naked and Afraid: Castaways” when one participant injures his knee, while the other has to be taken out of production. Video: Rod Loper / “Naked and Afraid: The Untouchables” – Discovery+.
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– Recognizes sound

Although the singing star refuses to participate in the program, he is quite sure who can hide behind the cat costume.

– That cat was created to be – let’s be honest – a gay character. I think there probably will be. So all the hints are Kevin Vagenis (37), with the fact that she hinted at things and “we laughed.” But then I think Kevin sings a little better than the cat sang on Saturday. I’m starting to believe it’s Adam Schelberg, 41, because he’s so fond of wearing high heels to his shows, says Larsen.

It was revealed after the mask slipped on live air

It was revealed after the mask slipped on live air

– It might be one of the boys, but it’s not me.

He’s also pretty sure a celebrity is hiding behind a “Maskorama” costume.

Christmas together: Louise Angelica Reis and David Eriksen bring the family together and celebrate Christmas together this year. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Ken Falch, The Red Runner
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– The bird whip is Linnéa Myhre (33). one hundred percent. When she started, she sang very well, then I thought she was Annelie Drucker (54 years old). But in the last broadcast, her condition became a little worse, and there was no longer a “shadow” towards Linnéa, but I recognized this voice.

After much speculation, Larsen no longer has a particular need to participate in the entertainment program himself.

Regarding the rumours: - A bit sad

Regarding the rumours: – A bit sad

– Obviously you don’t need to be part of Maskorama to get PR anyway. Now I never had to participate, because now I participated in some way. It’s so great to be able to enjoy it from your sofa and not have to be inside very warm suits.

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