Kåre Gunnar Skaret Bjøringsøy from Farmen has a girlfriend

Kåre Gunnar Skaret Bjøringsøy from Farmen has a girlfriend

He may remember a lot Kåre Gunnar Skaret “Svæsaspær” Bjøringsøy (37)who garnered a lot of attention by participating in “The Farm” last fall. Bjøringsøy said at the time that he was underestimated by his fans as a result of his time on television.

Now, however, the bachelor’s life is over, the former participant in “Farmen” reveals to Dagbladet.

– Yes, I have a girlfriend, he confirms.

tears: There were tears at Farmin’ Farm when the tenants received this surprise. Video: TV 2 Play / Red Runner.
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First date at home

The 37-year-old’s chosen one is Therese Langseth, she is 40 years old and lives in Totten. Bjøringsøy himself lives in Smøla in Møre and Romsdal.

—I was shooting a music video in Totten six months ago, he says, before completing:

– We wrote a lot about letters and such, and I was actually going home. But I ended up going on a first date at her house instead.

WATCH: Kåre Gunnar Skaret Bjøringsøy (right) makes it through to the final week in

WATCH UP: Kåre Gunnar Skaret Bjøringsøy (right) made it through to the final week on ‘The Farm’ after defeating Thorvald Nyquist in their last fall duel last year. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2
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According to “Farmen” -Kåre, the two experienced full activism from the first meeting.

—but we went back and forth for a few rounds before we decided anything. Now it’s like she’s tripping over me a bit and I into her a little bit. I think it has worked well so far. We’re taking the whole “piano” thing, really.

As a result, he also had two children, thus becoming an extra father. Langseth is the mother of a two-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy.

– Hit the twinkle star

How has life changed now that you have a girlfriend?

– I was not very lucky with the people I met before in my life, and that was the reason why it was a little quiet for me on the love front. But with Terese, I found someone I could trust. She makes me smile and laugh every single day, and she’s really good at speaking her mind when something is off.

pellets: Participants in the Pharmaen program notice that their bodies are tired after eight weeks of toil, and some find themselves forced to cry. Video: TV 2 / Red Runner.
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He adds:

– And then it’s nice and easy. working iron.

– Are you in love today, Kar?

– Yes, I’m in love! We have good chemistry. Everyone around me also says this, and they see that we get along very well together. I hit the star, he said with a smile.

Dagbladet has also been in touch with his girlfriend Therese, who has spoken of some nice months with the ‘Farmen’ profile.

– But she’s busy too! ha ha. First of all, he is very nice, Kåre is a funny guy, someone who is never in a bad mood. And my son loves this – because he’s such a big fan of Curry, she tells Dagbladet.

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