Karen (27) was killed by her husband

Karen (27) was killed by her husband

With more than 50 stab wounds, 31-year-old Kelvin Osagi killed his heavily pregnant wife Karen Ndah Ngwe (27). must be the motive, According to ExpressenShe wanted to leave him.

Osagi has now been sentenced to life imprisonment. One of the fatal clues was his audio recording of the crime.

Karen was eight months pregnant when she was murdered in the couple’s apartment in Vänersborg, a town in Västra Götaland in Sweden, in October last year. Osagi’s children, a five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl, were in the next room. They heard the murder.

Therefore, Osage was charged with two counts of aggravated child abuse.


On Wednesday, June 22, the verdict was delivered in the Wienersburg District Court.

Karen was found pregnant with over 70 injuries to her body, at least 50 of which were caused by a blunt object. According to the ruling, the fetus was stabbed in the womb.

The prosecutor at trial believed that the motive behind the murder was that his partner wanted him to leave. Then he must have been afraid of what you might say about him.

– The offender thought that she would leave him and would report him regarding this. Attorney General Daniel Vivo Peterson stated that it appears from the recording that the reason for this was that she arranged a visit to the crisis center, and that he believed she could say things about him during that visit.

I had to sew: Kelvin Osagi's hand injuries had to be sutured.  He himself claimed that this came from the fact that he had to fend off the attacks of his wife.  Photo: Swedish police

I had to sew: Kelvin Osagi’s hand injuries had to be sutured. He himself claimed that this came from the fact that he had to fend off the attacks of his wife. Photo: Swedish police
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tape recorder

Usagi used to record conversations on his cell phone. One of the clues in the case was an eight-minute audio recording. In the audio recording, Kelvin asked the sufferer not to say anything about it to staff at the crisis center. Suddenly she hears cries and calls Kareena for her life.

– do not kill me. Excuse me. Our baby! One hears that Kareena is in despair.

Aftonbladet review From the case documents, it turned out that many public bodies knew about the violent man.

In 2019, Osages and his ex-wife separated. She is the mother of his two children. She also gave birth to a child from a previous marriage who was her stepfather, who was convicted of murder. Between 2018 and 2021, Osages was reported a total of four times for violence against his son and stepson. The two children still live with their father.

Met through a dating app

Kelvin Osagi and Karen Ndah Ngoy met through a dating app. After a short time they got married. Both are originally from Cameroon.

The district court ruling states that the violence you hear in the audio recording lasts for more than two and a half minutes.

«Audio recording shows her repeatedly praying for her life and saying Kelvin should stop, also for the childrenHe said in the ruling.

The court did not trust Kelvin’s claim that he had acted in self-defence.

You don’t hear that she’s aggressive or frank towards him. Prosecutor Vivo Peterson said about the recording, you hear that it was she who was subjected to violence and that she was the one who prayed for her life.

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