Kendall Jenner punished for ‘sexualizing a children’s movie character’

Kendall Jenner punished for 'sexualizing a children's movie character'

On Monday, the stage is set for Halloween, and as per tradition, social media is filled with pictures of different costumes, also from Hollywood.

The Kardashian and Jenner family have been known to hit the big drum at every opportunity, and the scariest day of the year is no exception.

However, you now receive Kendall Jenner (26) He was highly criticized for his choice of Halloween costume.

Mocked: Kendall Jenner has made fun of her cooking — again. Reporter: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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During this year’s celebration, Jenner chose to dress up as cowboy girl Jesse, known from the world of “Toy Story”.

The 26-year-old is posting several photos of this year’s Halloween look on Instagram in front of her 262 million followers. Many media outlets covered the case, including Ella.

Many liked the movies, but the model’s fashion was not to the liking of some. Since she is wearing short shorts and a T-shirt, many believe that she sexualizes a children’s movie character.

“Why sexualize the character of children?? Really, why?” One follower writes in Jenner’s comment field.

Another says “this spoils a children’s movie,” while others describe Jenner’s fashion choice as “disturbing” and “disrespectful.”

Kardashian: When Kendall Jenner was cooking, she did something that got viewers engaged. Video: Disney + / Red Runner. Reporter: Anna Celine Hanisch.

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“Sorry, but it is not appropriate to make everything exciting, leave something only to the children, for God’s sake.”

It seems Jenner has not responded to the criticism.

Kim wins Halloween.

However, he was not the only model from the well-known star family who surprised on the occasion of Halloween.

the elder sister Kim Kardashian (41) She also proved to take the day very seriously, and was almost unrecognizable as the character Mystique, known from the “X-men,” she wrote. e! News.

The 41-year-old wore an all-blue suit, red wig and yellow contact lenses, and the outfit garnered nearly three million likes on Instagram.

There, Kardashian was praised for her Halloween costume in the form of comments like “Kim wins Halloween” and “so sick, love this.”

However, others wonder how the TV star goes to the toilet in a tight jumpsuit.

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