Pamela Anderson talks about why she goes out without makeup.

Pamela Anderson talks about why she goes out without makeup.

-CI didn’t really think anyone would notice, but I’m glad it turned into a positive message, says Pamela Anderson, 56, to the people.

The American actress talks about the uproar that arose after she appeared without makeup during Paris Fashion Week early this fall.

“The natural beauty revolution has officially begun,” actor Jamie Lee Curtis wrote at the time, praising Anderson in an Instagram post.

He added: “I am very impressed and appalled by this brave and rebellious act.”

– Hopeless

Anderson herself told People magazine that she goes makeup-free at home, and asked herself why she couldn’t do the same during Paris Fashion Week.

– The pursuit of youth is hopeless. All we can do is accept where we are at this moment, and be content with where our feet are now.

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This does not mean that she will never use makeup or decorate herself again, the 56-year-old actress confirmed to the American magazine.

– I’m not against it, I just don’t want to play the game. It was good to look in the mirror and say: I am fine as I am.

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– The best of the best

This is not the first time Anderson appears without makeup.

In a previous interview with Ella She explained why she gave up makeup. In 2019, her makeup artist Alexis Vogel died of breast cancer. KK wrote about it earlier.

“She was the best ever, and without Alexis it would have been better for me to ditch the makeup,” Pamela told Elle.

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She described the new look as “free, fun and a bit rebellious” and said she prefers to age naturally rather than using Botox and so-called fillers.

-I don’t like injections. Doesn’t work for me. I want to see what happens.

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