Kfam Municipality | KVAM Search Operation: Drone Search Above and Below Water

Kfam Municipality |  KVAM Search Operation: Drone Search Above and Below Water

Police say they are searching for the three missing in Kvam with an underwater camera drone in the river in Tokagilet and a drone from the air in the area by Movatnet.

Mission commander Sven Valland Lopsa said at a press conference at noon on Tuesday that the three presumed dead were being searched for in the river in Tokagilet earlier on Tuesday.

At the press conference at around 3pm, police said that observations had been made, among other things, likely related to the incident.

– This work is still going on. There are rescue crews there now, Lopsa said, who have descended into the river with a crane truck for further investigation using an underwater camera.

While this work was continuing, the main road to Tokagilet was closed.

Police are also conducting drone searches in the area above Movatnet, which is difficult to reach on foot. The police receive assistance from the Bergen fire service. On Monday, a helicopter conducted a search in the same area.

At the same time, a local fish farming company has contributed a net that is launched into the river to catch objects that are drifting downstream in Movatnet.

The mission leader stated that it would also prevent the worst-case missing people from ending up in the Hardangerfjord.

The name of the missing was released

12 o’clock on Tuesday The police released the names of the three missing persons After the accident in Tokagilet in the municipality of Kvam in western Norway.

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Kjell Arne Pedersen, 64, Nils Johan Bordsen, 72, and Ruth Wathni, 68, all from Askoy, are now believed to have died after the accident. The three were reported missing Sunday night after trying to cross the Tokagilselva River in a small boat against a large waterfall with a 15-meter fall.

Police found what they believed to be the boat the three had attempted to cross. An oar and some clothes associated with the missing were also found.

The dog Leo is also missing after the accident.

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It’s been too long

It’s been so long that there’s little or no chance of finding them alive,” said Operations Director Sven Valland Lupsa in the Western Police District during a press conference at 12:00 on Tuesday.

Lopsa also said that the observations were made in Tokagilet near the waterfall, and that they continued throughout the day to increase volunteer resources at Moffatnet.

– Lobsa said these observations mean that we will go there during the day and investigate further.

Crews from the Alpine Rescue Group and the Red Cross River Rescue Group will be released into a basket from a captured crane truck.

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Especially when it’s ours

Bergensavisen writes that one of the presumed dead was former firefighter Nils Johann Bardsen.

– Nils Johann Bardsen was a kind and skilled fellow, and a man of honor, says Leif Linde, Bergen fire chief, for Bachelor’s.

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The 72-year-old is one of the three missing after the river tragedy in Hardanger.

The newspaper reported that the retirement age for firefighters is 57, so it has been several years since Burdsen’s retirement. Fire Chief Lind remembers him well.

– He was a good fellow. Finding one of our own is special. Special feelings arise, and additional thoughts are stirred up for the crews, Lindy tells the newspaper.

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