Kim Kardashian slayed after American Horror Story

Kim Kardashian slayed after American Horror Story

Season 12 of “American Horror Story” kicked off on Wednesday of this week, and reactions have been slow to say the least. Much attention is directed to Kim Kardashian herself (42), who works as a public relations consultant.

Being criticized: – Be silent

In advance, many were skeptical, and the opinions of critics were divided after the result was announced on Wednesday.

Daily Beast He writes that the reality star is “legitimately impressive,” while… USA Today He writes that the 42-year-old is the only reason to watch the new season. On the other hand, fans of the series weren’t that impressed.

Poetry: Kim Kardashian is known to change her hairstyle regularly, but you’ve never seen her this way before. Video: Red Runner/Jenny Emily Ass
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“I don’t like Kim”

Page six Among the sites that mentioned criticism. On X, formerly Twitter, lauds anti-Kardashian. One wrote: “Kim is bad at acting.”

The person also asks why she’s in the series at all, and concludes the whole thing: “It’s ruined it for me.”

Another said: “I don’t like Kim at all.” written.

On the other hand, a third believes that the reality TV star did not do a bad job in her role, but points out that the role does not initially require a lot of acting on Kardashian’s part, as she plays a woman from Los Angeles.

“She could only draw experience from her own life.” He writes The concerned person.

Millions shocked in the stands

Millions shocked in the stands

according to TMZ However, she also received a lot of praise after her debut. “Wait a minute, Kim is actually doing a great job on AHS (American Horror Story, journ.anm.),” one person reportedly wrote, according to the site.

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It’s not just Kardashian who can be seen in the final season of the hit series. She plays among others against Emma Roberts (32 years old) and Cara Delevingne (31 years old).

However, when the trailer for this season was first released, many were interested in Kardashian, who was almost unrecognizable at first glance.

Surprise: Kim Kardashian in the new season of American Horror Story.  Image: FX

Surprise: Kim Kardashian in the new season of American Horror Story. Image: FX
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The 42-year-old’s character wears, among other things, round sunglasses, long black gloves and red lips in the trailer. Additionally, Kardashian has long blonde hair and chalky white skin.

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