King Frederick shares private details about the marriage

King Frederick shares private details about the marriage

On Sunday, Denmark gained a new king, King Frederik (55 years old), just two weeks after Queen Margaret (83 years old) announced her abdication after 52 years on the throne.

A few days after the change of throne, news came that the new king would publish the book “Concord” written by author Jens Andersen.

There the king shares his thoughts and reflections on the monarchy, his upbringing, and his marriage to Queen Mary (51).

Cheated during pregnancy

“Love marriage”

In the book, King Frederick does not hesitate to express his words of praise to his wife. The king explained, among other things, that he believed it was fate that led the two to meet during the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

- She's terrified

– She's terrified

“I love marriage, my wife, our children, and the happy base that is created for people who manage to stay together and survive,” the king says in the book, according to Danish. my house

Furthermore, the King explains that the sense of togetherness is precisely what makes him and Queen Mary such a good guardian couple.

King Frederik of Denmark surprises with his rock style. Video: Watch and listen. Reporter: Caroline Fagle.
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“Although I can sometimes find myself thinking: ‘Oh, do we really need an extra five minutes of discussion’, I accept that Mary wants to hand over a few extra rocks, and then we’ll take another five or ten minutes.” Frederick writes.

“Mary is my partner and wingman, and we have a super dynamic.”

Everyone's attention turned to the royal couple after the Spanish weekly magazine Lecturas published pictures of King Frederick with Mexican model Genoveva Casanova (47 years old) in October. The photos were taken during a private trip to Madrid, and the weekly claimed the king spent the night at Casanova's house.

Secret details attract attention

Secret details attract attention

The royal family did not deny or confirm this allegation. For her part, Casanova repeatedly denied that the Queen had spent the night in her apartment.

It came off the store shelves

On the same day that the king issued the book, thousands of Danes had already obtained a copy of it.

The demand was so great that the book sold more in just one day than the best-selling book of the whole of 2023 on the online book store Saxo, Danish TV 2 reports.

The book was sent to booksellers across the country, and thousands of Danes have already obtained a copy.

On Sunday, December 14, Crown Prince Frederik will be crowned King Frederik. Video: Watch and listen.
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– It would greatly surprise me if it was not the best-selling book in 2024 based on the numbers we see today, says Saxo press officer Lærke Jürs to TV 2.

Within the first hour after publication, the bookstore saw four-figure sales, and demand continued throughout the day, according to Yours.

Norway can have two queens

Norway can have two queens

Demand was particularly high during the book's run on TV 2 Nyhetene, with the sales figure being 25 books per minute for the duration of the feature's run.

– Annoying as hell

Editor-in-chief of the Danish magazine Se og Hør Niels Pinborg was also among the Danes who tried to obtain a copy.

He believes the book is a wise way to approach communication.

– Now they can truly say, when approached by Ola Terkelsen or other journalists: “No, just read the book, it tells it all,” Benborg tells Denmark. TV 2.

King Frederick was praised for something special after his first meeting with the people as king. Video: Rizzo. Reporter: Marti Niloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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The editor notes that King Frederick seems to have considered his past and future when reading the book. And this is the image that the Royal House wants to present, rather than risk less severe quotes.

-It's very annoying for people like us. But we don't stop asking just because the answers are here.

– Not part of the agreement

Against Denmark TV 2 The publisher states that the books are already sold out.

Brother dropped

Brother dropped

The first edition was 25 thousand copies, and the publisher sold out on the first day. It was the largest possible edition we could print on such short notice. Second, third, and fourth editions are on the way, and there are still books in stores. We are working hard to release more books, says non-fiction publishing director Kim Hundvadt on TV 2's Politiken.

Hundvadt also denies that the royal family does not receive a single Danish krone from the publication of the book.

This was not all that was seen or heard from the historic Council of State in which Queen Margaret abdicated the throne. Video: Rizzo Scanpix. Reporter: Marti Niloken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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– A general author agreement has been concluded between the author Jens Andersen and the publisher. The Citadel is not part of this agreement.

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