NRK reduces success: – A weakness

NRK reduces success: – A weakness

When NRK's ​​spring season is active on TV screens in the beautiful country, it will be without popular programs like “Alle mot 1” and “Kåss til Kvelds”.

On the other hand, families sitting in front of the TV are offered the drama series “Bakemeisterscabet”, “Dementia Chorus” and “Gamo”.

– It looks bad at first glance, two big established concepts end and nothing changes immediately, as far as I can see, TV expert Morten Wiberg tells Dagbladet.

In February last year, Vivi Stenberg, editor-in-chief of “Kåss til Kvelds” explained. VG That program had to be shut down due to state budget constraints.

– The weekend offer is not protected from that, he said.

Many reacted to the show being pulled from screens, attracting an average of 500,000 viewers per episode. The Broadcasting Council received several complaints and a petition was created to withdraw the program – without success.

Now the finale is here for this year's TV season, and Wiberg isn't convinced.

Read NRK's ​​response further down in the article.

Weakness: TV expert Morten Viberg believes that NRK is losing its roof on Saturday evenings. Photo: Dentsu
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– A weakness

NRK writes in its article that it is important for NRK to have a wide variety of content in order to be relevant to a wide audience every day. Public Broadcaster Accounts for 2019.

They also write that there is a clear need for family gatherings on weekends – and highlight “Alle mot 1” as an example of a program that does this.

Wiberg believes that the lack of many established concepts is a weakness and that savings can be attributed.

You can't compare “The Dementia Choir” to “Alle mot 1,” which would fit better on a Sunday night than a Saturday, he says, and continues:

– “Baking Championship” can be entertaining enough, but it depends on who the participants are. Saturday looks weaker than previous.

Shock Comedy: People are praising and slaying NRK's ​​new comedy venture “Goutshow”. Correspondent: Emma Dalen. Video: NRK
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He adds that NRK has a long tradition of producing Saturday comments and hopes the program will be family-friendly.

– Do they fulfill their social purpose of bringing the whole family together?

– They do, in a way, but for a brief period on Saturday evening they may seem to lose their grip.

– The downside for NRK is that they are giving up Saturday, which has had a strong hold for years. This opens up the possibility for TV 2 in particular to take on some unifying factors.

Offer/Demand: NRK hopes to deliver a strong TV offer this spring.  From the head office at Marienlist here in Oslo.  Photo: NTP

Offer/Demand: NRK hopes to deliver a strong TV offer this spring. From the head office at Marienlist here in Oslo. Photo: NTP
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NRK: – A good offer

Dagbladet submitted Viberg's review to NRK.

NRK's ​​television manager Anniken Næss said that “Bakemesterskapet” is NRK's ​​big Saturday investment this spring and will take the place of “Alle mot 1”, which will return in the fall.

When it comes to what entertainment will be on NRK in the coming weekends, he mentions, among others, the audience hit “Dementia Singer”, the drama series “Kamo” and a variety of comedy.

– So we think we have a strong offer. This does not mean a saving in any way, on the contrary, Næss tells Dagbladet.

He points out how NRK's ​​TV offer extends beyond what is shown on linear TV and that they should have an offer that reaches all groups.

– We believe that judging NRK's ​​weekend offer and Saturday offer only after the Saturday evening linear offer may be too narrow.


Butcher's “New Again”

Næss hopes this spring's Saturday offering, which he describes as a strong content package, can gather many people. At the same time, NRK is not immune to the developments taking place in the streaming market, he insists.

He says some people still swear by linear TV and many watch shows on NRK TV.

– That is NRK's ​​goal even though it has become increasingly difficult to gather people in a fragmented TV landscape.

– How do you think you are prepared for Saturday's match against TV 2 (“Kompani Lauritzen”, “Familiekoden”) and TV Norge (“Alle mot Alle”, “16 Ukers Helvete”, “71 Grader Nord”)?

– It's good to have lots of good content for the public to choose from on multiple channels. We believe that we have put together a good offer in streaming and linear mode on NRK TV.

Error: Broadcast manager Vibeke Fürst Haugen did not receive a grant from the government to vote.  Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet

Error: Broadcast manager Vibeke Fürst Haugen did not receive a grant from the government to vote. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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– It won't work

In the state budget for 2024, NOK 6,443 billion has been allocated to NRK.

This represents a 3.6 per cent increase and, according to the government, is a continuation of the 2023 subsidy, adjusted for price and wage growth.

– The government believes that NRK is compensating for price hikes and wage hikes. Broadcasting manager Vibeke Fürst Haugen said that we cannot vote for this Media24 When the proposal is submitted.

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Last week, NRK's ​​Finance Director Andreas Norvik spoke strongly against the subsidies in the industry newspaper. Journalist.

According to him, about NOK 300 million has fallen to NRK over the past four years. This is beyond the state channel's offering, he admits.

– We have to include it in our plans and it will be about cutting functionality. Unfortunately, this affects the offer to the public. We've had fewer employees every year for the last seven or eight years, and that will continue.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Equality, Erland Hanstvedt, tells Journalist that NRK does not accept being undercompensated in this year's budget.

He did not respond to the claim that NRK has been paid Rs 300 million in compensation over the past four years.

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