Klæbo replied to Amundsen: – It is in no way about that

Klæbo replied to Amundsen: – It is in no way about that
Gold sitter: Johannes Hosflute Klæbo was naturally in a much better mood after gold in the relay than fourth in the 15 kilometres.

Planica (VG) Johannes Hosflotte Kleibeu (26) thinks Harald Ostberg Amundsen (24) misunderstood his disappointment after 15 kilometres.

– It’s not about not engaging with your teammates to succeed. I think it’s great that they can paint the background of the catwalk. We know there are three insanely good skaters out there, so it’s in no way about that,” Klæbo tells VG.

While team members Semin Hegstad-Kruger, Harald Ostberg Amundsen and Hans-Christer Holland were all very happy with the hat-trick in Wednesday’s 15km freestyle, Klæbo was falling far behind with the bronze adrift by 0.9 seconds.

Tronder was very taciturn in the interviews, he wanted to forget the day and thought the race was so bad. Silver medalist Amundsen was surprised by Klæbo’s reaction, after what was one of his best runs in the 15-kilometre freestyle decider.

– We have shown that we skate fast at this distance. It’s a “fair” fight all the way. I also hope he wishes us success, Amundsen told VG.

– I’m surprised because it’s so frustrating. Because he knows that both Simen, Holund and I can go fast at the ski distance. The Asker boy said if he gets what he’s good at then there’s nothing… Yeah it’s always tough to get fourth, but you don’t get a more ‘fair’ distance than today The newspaper online.

Silver winner: Harald Østberg Amundsen took silver in the 15 km race. Right, bronze winner Hans-Christer Holland.

Confronted with Amundsen’s remarks, Klæbo replied that he did not understand them.

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– It’s about trying to go as fast as possible. And when I’m nine-tenths away, it’s a disappointment. If you’re not disappointed with it, you should find something else to do, I guess.

On Thursday, Klæbo was part of the superior relay gold. On Sunday, he’s chasing his first gold medal in an individual championship from the distance.

At Planica WC, Klæbo took home three gold medals, just like Simen Hegstad Krüger. But the latter – to strong reactions – eliminated the duel’s possibility of becoming King of the Pigeons in the “King’s Exercise”, five miles.

After Thursday’s relay, Kruger stated that Klæbo was in a good mood after descending the 15 kilometres.

– I understand that he was disappointed. There were three of us who were better than him then, and then I ranked fourth for him. I would probably have been disappointed even then, Kruger said.

Amundsen went straight into the Wipeout Cup (the lower tier of the World Cup) after he was dropped from Thursday’s relay. There he continued to show great form with a third place in the sprint (Sindre Bjørnestad Skar won ahead of Harald Astrup Arnesen) and a victory in the 10 km freestyle.

Amundsen has now taken his Scan Cup overall, which gives a free place for all races in the World Cup for the rest of this season and before Christmas next winter.


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