The lawyers are in a bitter financial dispute with the court after Benhaiya was acquitted

The lawyers are in a bitter financial dispute with the court after Benhaiya was acquitted

Lawyer Arvid Sjodin wrote in a letter to the Buergarting Court of Appeal: – That ordinary people have to work thousands of hours for free to correct errors of justice committed by the state is completely unreasonable. NRK Mentionsed.

He has filed a claim of over NOK 1.8 million for his work on the Viggo Christiansen case. The year-long process ended with the man, who was convicted as the instigator and main man behind the attacks and killings in Panhia, acquitted and acquitted in December last year.

Sjødin was Christiansen’s defense attorney from 2012 to 2022, while Sigurd Klomsæt worked on behalf of Christiansen to reopen the case from 2008 to 2012, as well as a period in duet with Sjødin for just over a year and a half between 2014 and 2016.

But it is not a given that the man believed by many to have had the principal credit for finally exonerating Christiansen last year will receive what he believes is a well-deserved reward for his efforts. The Burgarting appeals court has so far refused to vote on Sjödin.

I think the court is wrong

The Court of Appeal believes that the lawyer is basing the claim on the wrong legal basis and that the claim should be dealt with in the same manner as those of individuals supporting Christiansen.

“The Court of Appeal therefore assumes that there are only forfeited gains and expenses that can be claimed to be covered pursuant to this provision,” the court wrote in its response to Sjodin’s claim.

The other seven who applied for financial compensation for the work they had done on Christiansen’s behalf were similarly denied.

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Sjodin writes that the court’s understanding of the law is “completely wrong” and contradicts established case law. He believes that the court is based on wrong legal decisions.

– I ask to cover my work, Sjödin concludes in his last letter tentatively by replying to the Court of Appeal.

Eight requires money

In all, eight people – Viggo Christiansen’s father, two of his advocates and several supporters who claim to have worked on his case – have demanded reward for their work. They may be entitled to it. But the Code of Criminal Procedure gives the court plenty of room for discretion, while at the same time requiring that “special reasons” and that the costs to be covered must be related to measures that had a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Even then, it is not a given that the backers and contributors will have all their costs covered. The law allows it to be covered “in whole or in part”.

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