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If you are looking for a new computer, you may have tried the number of models available to choose from. There often seem to be too many, and it’s not always easy to tell expressions like CPU, SSD, and RAM, or keep track of Windows versions.

We got a tip from a reader who was going to buy a new PC and saw the ThinkBook G2 from Lenovo. The specs seem to be exactly the same, but one costs 1,000 NOK more than the other.

It turns out that the only difference is that the cheapest PC comes with Windows 10 Pro, while the most expensive one has Windows 11 Pro.

Personal safe: Windows is rolling out a new security measure for its OneDrive users. Reporter: Ingebjørg Iversen. Video: Bjorn Eric Loftus / Denside
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Free to upgrade

Upgrading to Windows 11 (Pro) from a compatible Windows 10 (Pro) PC is freebut maybe not everyone understands.

The guide, who does not want to print his name, says that he bought the cheapest one, and when he turned on the computer a message quickly appeared about the possibility of upgrading to Windows 11. For free.

He says he spoke to Komplett customer service, who allegedly said they didn’t know if the most expensive could be upgraded for free.

Promises money back

Kristen Hovland, director of communications at Komplett, told DinSide that it is deeply unfortunate that there is a pricing error with the product.

– The error is now corrected. Our customers who have paid too much will be contacted and refunded as soon as possible.

DinSide has been in touch with a reader who reported the price error, which he thinks is a good solution from Komplett for a refund for customers who chose the more expensive model.

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This is not the first time this year that there has been a reaction to prices at Komplett.no. Earlier this year Tek.no . wrote That the online store offered an 80 percent discount on a comfy chair, which is not true.

“There was a huge mistake on our part,” Hovland told Tek at the time.

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