Koroonoa – raises the state of emergency

Koroonoa – raises the state of emergency

Lifting the state of emergency means that dealing with the coronavirus will no longer take place at the federal level.

The two states of emergency, one in response to a national crisis and the other in response to a public health crisis, have been in effect since former President Donald Trump introduced them in 2020.

Biden has repeatedly extended states of emergency, giving millions of Americans access to free coronavirus tests, vaccines and treatments. Upon cancellation, the costs of this will be transferred to private health insurance companies and public health agencies.

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It abolishes asylum restrictions

Parts of the emergency have already been lifted by US elected officials, but measures including subsidies and vaccine development have continued.

The revocation would also apply to a regulation known as Title 42, which limited the ability of asylum seekers to reach the US across the border from Mexico on the grounds of preventing the spread of infection. Since the Title 42 restrictions were put into effect, more than 2.5 million immigrants have been denied the right to seek asylum in the United States, according to US media.

The White House says they will replace Title 42 with another legal mechanism, but they need time to implement that.

Corona infection is decreasing

Biden’s announcement to lift the state of emergency comes in response to Congress’ demand to lift it immediately. House Republicans are also preparing to launch an investigation into the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Biden administration believes that immediate cancellation will lead to chaos and uncertainty in the health care system, and that hospitals and nursing homes need time to prepare.

Corona infection is declining in the United States, although more than 500 people still die from corona-related causes every day, according to figures from the authorities.

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