KrF modem statement | Modum KrF: A solid investment in school and leisure funds so that all children can participate regardless of family finances

KrF modem statement |  Modum KrF: A solid investment in school and leisure funds so that all children can participate regardless of family finances

As a values-based centrist party, the KrF combines the best of the left – solidarity and equality, with the best of the right – personal freedom and responsibility. As a builder of bridges between the right and the left, the KrF will work for broad and unified policy solutions to the challenges facing Modum.

During this period, the KrF was part of a wide formation position, with a mayor from the Center Party. The cooperation has paid off well for the KrF policy, and we are determined to continue it in the coming period.

Strong commitment to education

  • The KrF highlights the primary responsibility of families and parents for children, and will pursue a policy that reinforces this.
  • Kindergarten admission should become more flexible.
  • The KrF proposes that Mudum municipality set up a Leisure Fund to ensure that children have equal opportunities to participate in leisure activities.
  • We advocate a strong and visible upgrade of Modum School, both academically and constructively – with more resources for teachers and less for operations. It would cost money, but Modem could not afford not to do it if we were to be successful in reducing the number of school dropouts and increasing migration to the village.
  • Children need a smoother transition from nursery to school and we encourage the school management to have more play based learning and activities.
  • KrF believes that excessive digitization leads to negativity, and encourages the school administration to reduce its use.

Health and quality of life

  • We support a program to be put in place in collaboration with the competency environment in Modum Bad to reduce alienation, dissatisfaction and poor mental health, which are alarmingly prevalent in Modum, especially among young people.
  • We must be ready to strengthen capacity and staff in nursing homes, residential and day care centers. In order to counter the wave of elderly people, the KrF believes that one should focus on making arrangements so that people can stay at home safely for as long as possible with good support measures.
  • Modem must have a good rehabilitation offer – created in a mix between Municipal Spaces, Response Team and Vikersund Bad.
  • We want more training in the municipality to promote the transition to work and the integration of refugees.
  • We must promote volunteerism and take care of sports, church and cultural fields that promote expression of life, mastery and learning.
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growth and protection

  • We want to develop active city centers in Vikersund, Åmot and Geithus.
  • The need for growth and commercial development must be combined with respect for the environment and nature. For Vikersund city center north, the development will have to be adapted to the general public’s access to Terefjorden.
  • We are in favor of building sparse housing, but not at the expense of soil conservation and the possibilities of increasing food production.
  • Skredsvikmoen is to be maintained as a green lung for outdoor life and recreation, surrounded by a kindergarten, school and residences, which can also provide space for a yard with shared housing for the elderly and housing for young people who want to run small-scale farming.
  • In cooperation with the landowners, one should contribute to the improvement of the roads to the picnic areas in Eustäsen, and to make room for the construction of sustainable cabins on the hillside.
  • Work areas should be arranged where there is no conflict with outside life and leisure interests – eg Vikersund Nord, Katfoss and areas west of the river. three hundred fifty.
  • We will work with Modum Næringsforening to achieve ambitious targets for business and population growth.

Easier to get to and from a modem

  • KrF stands for Ringeriksbanen, which brings modem closer to the metropolitan area.
  • We believe local train traffic on the Randsfjord Railway could give Modum a huge boost – as it did when the Randsfjord Railway arrived 150 years ago.
  • We will continue to operate the Ring 4 as an alternative transport route around Oslo, prioritizing traffic-safe roundabouts and motorway shortening. 350 at Vikersund Nord crossing and RV upgrade. 350 Omut Hoxund.
  • KrF is against the current proposal for a new Sigdal exit. It is very expensive and does not serve the interests of a modem.
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