Large amounts of snow in southern and eastern Norway – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Large amounts of snow in southern and eastern Norway – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

30 to 50 centimeters of snow is expected in many places on Sunday and overnight into Monday.

In some areas, 50 to 100 centimeters have been reported.

Sunday was encouraging State Highway Authority Road users should stop and leave the car.

Monday morning weather affects driving conditions.

Heavy snow in the tunnels in Oslo on New Year's Day, delays, among other things.

– Due to heavy snowfall on the roads, some stations are not open. We have lock weights, but delays are to be expected, writes Sporveien on X/Twitter.

A snow-covered E18 in the direction of Oslo at 06:45 on Monday morning.

Photo: Web Camera / Norwegian Road Administration

Column flow over Mt

– The peak comes on New Year's Eve. Snowfall of up to one meter is possible, the National Road Administration writes on its pages.

As a result, heavy snow was seen on the roads on Monday morning.

Vegtrafikksentralen on the west signs X/Twitter County road 50 Aurland-Hol opens for convoy driving at 09.00, between Øyestøl and Geiteryggen. The first column goes from Geiteryggen.

Traffic is currently free on Haukelifjell, but the Swedish Transport Center writes that the outlook is uncertain. Column driver can be introduced at short notice.

View traffic announcements HereOn the website of the Swedish Road Administration.

Photo taken by webcam at Haukelifjell.  Thick snow and light road.  Darkness all around.

Monday at 08:16 Haukelifjell in Pepperstein in the west direction.

Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Lots of snow in Aktor – many without electricity

County roads 3498 and 3496 in Arendal are both closed due to fallen trees, the Swedish Road Transport Agency writes on X/Twitter.

Torey John Hansen at the National Roads Administration held a meeting on Saturday with all road owners, the Met Office and the police to prepare for the weather.

– He says that we are well prepared, but these are heavy rainfalls, which cause difficult driving conditions.

In Aktor, 4,735 homes are without power, due to heavy snow and strong winds, the electricity map shows. Glitter net.

Image of heavy snow outside a convenience store in Arendal.  A couple of cars are parked outside covered in snow.

The first days of the year are expected to see heavy rains in Aktor. Here are Arendal until Monday night.

Photo: Kenneth Klokseth Pedersen

According to the online company, the fault could not be fixed on the night of January 1 due to poor access and HSE considerations.

– Due to difficult driving conditions on the roads and a lot of snow on the terrain, error correction was requested for the crew outside, said Nils Dore Aakland, Gliter Nett's communications manager. A friend of the motherland Sunday evening.

In Rogaland, too, the weather affects driving conditions. Fylkesvei 4668 Ullestad – Helmikstølen Sandnes in Hjelmeland is closed due to bad weather.

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