Firecrackers burst and scared a dog and the collection – attacked

Firecrackers burst and scared a dog and the collection – attacked

On the busy access road outside Kristiansund, Laika May kept an angelic guard and suffered “only” two broken teeth and scratches.

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– She got away very cheaply, say owners Marie Jocel Rosarosso Baltomar Holm and Oyvind Holm almost in unison.

A seven-and-a-half-year-old mixed-breed dog crashed alive and was happy to be at home.

At seven-thirty on New Year's Eve, Oyvind Holm took Laika Mae for her usual evening walk.

– When we were almost home, firecrackers burst from a makeshift shop set up next to our house. The dog completely panicked and broke free from the rope and ran away, says Ovind.

He followed the dog, but before he got there, he was told that Laika May had been attacked, he says.

– The vet showed up on short notice and it was great. Two used teeth and bruises on one leg were found, says Ovind Holm.

Now a weekend after the New Year in pain and awaiting surgery, the couple wrote in a message on Facebook.

– On Tuesday, Øyvind Holm tells VG that he will have surgery for the broken teeth.

Before the clash: Here, Laika May takes center stage with her family on another occasion.  From left are Mary Joselle Rosaroso Baltomar Holm, Josela May and Ovind Holm.  Laika May and Hannah May in front of the dog.

No permission

In the post, the dog owners write that Laika May has been scared out of her senses and that fireworks are illegal.

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That's all Fireworks allowed At eight o'clock on New Year's Eve, according to LoveData. It is from 18:00 to 02:00. Some municipalities have additional restrictions.

Violation is punishable with “fine or imprisonment up to 3 months”.

Øyvind Holm added that the area is generally quiet and fireworks are not set off before the permitted time on New Year's Eve.

– Sent yesterday Unannounced as far as we know.

– What are you doing tonight?

– We are at home with Laika May and we play music to distract her with the windows down.

They've already celebrated in Sydney, so here's the spectacular celebration:

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