Latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas – Barth Eide:

Latest news about the war between Israel and Hamas – Barth Eide:

Read about the parties to the conflict and its background here.

This is what is most important now:

  • Israel launched intense attacks on Gaza on Tuesday. In just one hour, about 50 people were killed, according to Hamas.
  • On Tuesday, Hamas also carried out large-scale rocket attacks against Israel.
  • Hamas is still holding 220 hostages and prisoners of war, according to the Israeli army.

  • Barth Eddy: – More than 100 Norwegian children in Gaza

    October 20 15:25

    Stein Barstad

    – There are no safe places in Gaza.

    This is what Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide says VG Friday afternoon.

    We are working around the clock and on a large scale to deal with this crisis. Our main focus is to obtain approx. 200 Norwegian citizens from Gaza. Among these, more than a hundred children. “We are very concerned about their performance,” says Parth Eddy.

    He says that the Foreign Ministry has sent an emergency team to Cairo that includes, among other things, a doctor who will be ready to receive Norwegian citizens if they escape from Gaza.

    On Friday afternoon, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry attacked critics on Twitter/X. The state denies its responsibility for the failure of foreign citizens to escape through the border crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

    Parth Eide is scheduled to travel to Egypt on Saturday, where he will attend an international summit on the war in Gaza.

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  • The United States believes a Palestinian missile is the cause

    A girl carrying blankets while walking near Al-Ahli Hospital, which was exposed to the explosion in Gaza City. Officials told a number of media outlets that US intelligence has “high confidence” in the hypothesis that the explosion was caused by a Palestinian missile that exploded in the air. Photograph: Abid Khaled/AFP/NTB

    US intelligence believes that the explosion that occurred in a hospital in Gaza last week was caused by a Palestinian missile exploding in the air.

    This is what a US official told Reuters on Tuesday. According to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health in Gaza, 471 people died in the explosion at Al-Ahli Hospital on October 17. The Palestinian authorities and Arab countries say it is an Israeli attack.

    Israel says the attack was a failed missile attack carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad militia.

    US President Joe Biden visited Tel Aviv the day after the explosion and said at the time that it appeared that “the other team” was behind it. Many American media outlets have published reports on the US intelligence assessment.

    Officials say there is still uncertainty around it

  • Failed to deliver emergency aid to Gaza

    On Monday, 20 trucks tried to deliver emergency aid to the Gaza Strip, which is under heavy bombardment. The United Nations spokesman for emergency aid, Eri Kaneko, says, according to Reuters, that they failed to do so.

    “Hopefully we’ll get it tomorrow,” says Kaneko.

    It did not say anything about why emergency aid could not be delivered.

    US President Joe Biden said on Tuesday evening that Gaza is not receiving emergency aid quickly enough. According to Reuters, 54 trucks have crossed Gaza since emergency aid began arriving on Saturday.

  • Hamas: About 50 martyrs in Gaza in just one hour

    The Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Photograph: Violeta Santos Mora, Reuters/NTB

    Israel has now expanded the area it is attacking in Gaza.

    Within an hour Tuesday night, about 50 people were killed in Gaza, according to Hamas-controlled health authorities.

    The information has not been independently verified.

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