Lazio Roma vs. Cagliari advice, diagnosis and quote 02.12.2023

Lazio Roma vs.  Cagliari advice, diagnosis and quote 02.12.2023
Lazio Roma (im Bild: Ciro Immobile) celebrated after them CL-Erfolg gegen Celtic now auch einen Sieg gegen Cagliari? © IMAGO/IPA Sport, 11/28/2023

Die italienische Serie A presents the fourteenth Spieltag a Duel der Contraste. After one of these two parts of the Hauptstädter, Welsh dem Stadtrivalen and den eigenen austensen nachhinken. In another seven years, we’ll start to weaken through a massive cap. Pim Blake of Lazio Roma and Cagliari go to Wikoten before heading to the gang.


These things come from Kadern der both teams. While the Capitals gained £280m last year, visitors’ income is expected to reach £70. Wenngleich also dies through Aufstieg aus der Serie B, and has not made an impact at the table. Thus, Lazio and Roma against Cagliari are the favorites in Tipps aller Art.

Lazio Roma – Cagliari | 3 most important tips

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When it comes to the preseason cycle, Adler stands by it. However, in the last five matches, the Sardinian team has scored one point more than the Biancocelesti. This is more critical, more intense, and also sways for isolation.

Most league offices will face Lazio’s duel between Roma and Cagliari with Odin via Trendumkær in Hauptstadt.

Italy Lazio Roma – statistics and current form

Adler can see Chris. Variety zwischen Dominanz und Lethargie. This is the reason why Spitzenplatz and Holen are located. Why don’t we stay in this place?


The Biancocelesti have to be better through this final finish. Zwischen starken Auftritten gegen große Gegner und lauen Spielen gegen, nominal, small teams are everything. 14:15 is quite long lasting.

This theme is very important to you during your stay. Two defeats to Lecce (1:2) and Genoa (0:1) followed a good performance in Naples (2:1). This model is geht seither auf und ab. This also applies to the European comparison.

There they managed to qualify for the Ko-Runde despite a poor performance. The game Wechselspiel zwischen Liga und Europe verdeutlichte is not fixed. Whenever we won in Europe, there was a defeat in the league. By the way, it worked exactly the same way. Es fehlt also permanent focus.

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vulnerable to defence

The attack launches with 14 Torn in 13 marches from the mountains, allowing everyone to defend the Great Sorgenkind. In the market we are on the 30th of October 38th and will be ranked next in Napoli (28).

By noon, I had reached 15, in Noor 13 rounds. It’s just a big whisper for ambitions. So far only 4 matches have been scored without goals. In part, it’s better than ever. He’s also great at losing math.

Bei allen Siegen, bewerbsübergifend, gab is nur eine partie mit mhr Gegentoren. The score was 3:2 against Atalanta. Die Mannen in Bergamo sind aber für ihren Ansatz bekannt attack. All other opponents, welche mehr als ein Tor Schossen, nahmen ein bis drei Punkte mit. Daran gilt es zu arbeiten, when Adler does more work.

Expected lineup of Lazio Roma:

Banned and banned players from Lazio Roma:

Lazio Roma’s previous matches:

Italy Cagliari – statistics and current form

Cagliari stands, gegenwärtig, eine der aufregendsten Truppen der Liga dar. It is necessary to bring it to your home as soon as possible.

Wild West

Sarden is an absolute safeguard for the Serie A product. Having been brought up at the last minute of relegation, he has had his work cut out for him at the limit. Zum Leidwesen der eigen Anhänger jedoch, I often fell on the false side of the fields.

After 13 games, you’ll reach 13:25. In 38th place, Sassuolo beat Sassuolo (20:24), Roma (25:15) and Napoli (26:14) in the match. The World Series is among the other top teams.

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When looking at Lazio, Roma and Cagliari, the home win prediction was also based on the visitors’ goal statistics. The buffer was in place after 4:11 minutes.

This is good

Food is not served anymore. It’s very clear. After reaching the first part of the new match (0:0 Torino / 0:0 Udinese / 2:2 Salretana), it slowly became safer.

In the last five matches (one Copa), there have been three wins (4:3 Frosinone / 2:1 Genoa / 2:1 Udinese), one draw (1:1 Monza) and only one defeat (1:2 Juventus). . When can Schnitt gehalten werden, stehen die Chance on den Klassenerhalt durch gut.

Zwar warten die Sarden bereits seit dem 0:0 over Udinese (17.9.23) In one game of the Gegentor team, doch scheint nun langsam der Sturm Warm zu laufen. In this new part, there is something to do with it. Seither sind es zehn (in fünf Antritten).

Dosenöffner was offensive in Frosinone. After 49 minutes, the score is 0:3. In the 96th minute, it was 4:3 in the morning. When this Rossoblú is not available, it is very convenient for us to do so this time.

Cagliari’s expected lineup:

Banned and banned players from Cagliari:

Cagliari’s previous matches:

Unser Lazio Roma – Cagliari TIP Cottenverglich 02.12.2023 – 1/X/2

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Lazio Roma – Cagliari Direct Verglic / H2H-Bellanz

In the direct youth duel, eight sieges fall upon the men in that city and the second city. Das Torverhältnis im Vergleichszeitraum, Welcher bis ins Jahr 2017 zurück reicht, steht bei 22:9. I hope we can continue our preferred role in Lazio, Roma and Cagliari and look forward to the future.

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Highlights statistics for Italy Lazio Roma vs Cagliari Italy

Wettbasis-Forecast & Italy Lazio Roma – Cagliari Italy Hint

It is one of the grand theories that lies at the highest levels of the vortex. You have to get the skills but also the racing. It has happened that the laufenden season has become longer. So Aufsteiger, with wackliger Bilanz, could be quite a boy. Thus Lazio considers Roma against Cagliari to be quote als bessere Wahl.

Key Facts – Lazio Roma vs. Cagliari tips

  • Cagliari had been waiting for a win over Lazio since the über 10 Duelen
  • In the Cagliari match, 38 goals have already been scored
  • Lazio have already spent 15 Gigenturs

We will see here Aquile auch klar im forteil. There is no need to worry about this problem. Let’s take a look at Lazio Roma for Cagliari 1 tip. In this case, we’ll put Toruit at Bet365.

Zwar lamet der Angriff der Römer so far, but Cagliari with schwachte Defensive der Liga. This can be said by Himmelblauen and was steigern. The use of Freude and Toren Bei den Gäste can cause Torausbeute höher.

Italy Lazio Roma vs. Cagliari Italy – Best Italian League quote


victory Lazio Rome: 1.63 @Entroitin
Withdrawal: 4.20 @Bet3000
Italy victory Cagliari: 6.00 @Bet3000

Quoten-Waherscheinlichkeiten for Victory Lazio Rome / Unentschieden / Victory Cagliari:

Italy Lazio Roma – Cagliari Italy – Wettquoten * & More interesting Wetten im Überblick:

Uber/under 2.5 rip
Over 2.5 Rip: 1.95 @Bet365
Under 2.5 Rip: 1.85 @Bet365

Meeting of the two teams
Yes: 1.95 @Bet365
Number: 1.80 @Bet365

Wetquoten platform: 30.11.2023, 23:25

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