Linnea Mayer and Emil Geld get married in Trondheim

Linnea Mayer and Emil Geld get married in Trondheim
Linnea Mayer and Emil Geld get married in Trondheim
Wedding ceremony: Guests outside the Masonic Lodge in Trondheim on Saturday afternoon.

TRONDHEIM (VG): Influencer Linnéa Myhre (33) and Emil Gukild (31) are getting married in Trondheim on Saturday afternoon.


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Friends, family and colleagues gathered in Trondheim this weekend to see Emil Gukild and Linnéa Myhre become husband and wife.

At about 3 p.m., the guests arrived at the Masonic Lodge, where an hour earlier a red carpet had been laid.

Everyone is elated, but no one talks to the press.

Artist: Mitson (TV) was out early.

Among the first to arrive was Breivik’s ambassador, known as Mitson.

The artist sings at the wedding.

Earlier in the day, a 30-year-old Moss man was heard rehearsing the well-known song “Under Your Shirt” in the same room.

It is not known when and where the wedding will take place.

Ceremonial: Morten Hegseth on his way to the convention on Saturday.

Most of the men who arrive wear black formal suits with ties.

VGTV profile Morten Hegseth wears earrings for the occasion.

Also among the guests are influencer Joachim Kleven and TV2 presenter Siri Avlissen Ostley.

GUEST: Program director and former sportscaster on TV2, Siri Avlesen-Østli, was among the guests.

A group of spectators also gathered outside the venue.


The famous couple kept wedding details close to their chest, but Saturday is the big day.

Trondheim woke up to wonderful sunshine, and the weather remained fine all day.

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CELEBRITY COUPLE: Emil Gukild and Linnéa Myhre, here at the premiere last year.

The celebration really began on Friday, when guests were invited to a “pre-wedding party” at a restaurant in Solsiden.

Among the celebrities seen on their way to the festivities the day before were presenter Siri Avlisen Ostley, former MP Jett Christensen, TV personality Simon Nietzsche and popular VGTV star Morten Hegseth.

Rosa: Former representative of the Norwegian Parliament Jet Christensen (TV) accompanied Linnea Myhre to the gala dinner on Friday. TV2 profile Siri Avlesen follows suit in blue.

In June 2021, it became known that Myhre and Gukild’s VGTV profile had found love.

The couple finally became cohabitants, and in May of last year They announced their engagement in an Instagram photo series.

— yeah, Myhre wrote a caption, followed by three crying emojis.

The ring she shared a picture of seems to be decorated with precious stones. Then the pair appeared to be on The Britannia Hotel in TrondheimIn the Speilsalen Michelin restaurant.

Myhre first became known to the public as a blogger. Since then, she has appeared in television series, authored six books, participated in several reality series, and has been a writer for, among others, Morgenbladet and Aftenposten.

The novel “Meg meg Meg”, published in 2019, was given a five by the VG reviewer, who called Myhre “a fine storyteller”.

Former NRK profile Emil Gukild has in recent years led several sports broadcasts on NRK. In June, Gukild announced that he was finished as a permanent employee of NRK.

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“We talk about more time for other things, we talk about studies and we talk about podcasts and other projects for NRK. Looking forward to!” announce.

OPEN: Emil Gukild and Linnéa Myhre dedicated “everything” to her fight against sleep difficulties. Here during a meeting with VG in January.

Myhre and Gukild defended their chances of winning during the Gullruten TV Awards this spring, in every category, co-starring on Football WC with NRK and her on VGTV’s series “Søvnløs”.

Only Myhre won the award, but Gukild was also present in her series.

Myhre is also known from the VGTV series “Da vi styrte internett”:

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